Challenge Update: Week 31

Challenge Rule 1: Buy No Clothes/Don’t Covet

This week was the week that it almost all fell apart, but it had nothing to do with coveting.

This week, out of my last precious two pairs of summer socks that I had left, one sock went flying off the balcony in a storm and could not be found when the rain let up. You cannot imagine what I looked like, in the bushes before dawn with a flashlight looking for a single three-hundred times mended gray sock with star patches. Or perhaps you can imagine.

I looked desperate and a little bit crazy.

So, I was about to announce to my husband that I would have to give in. I needed socks. I would have to go buy some new socks. Then…on a whim, I grabbed one of my 4 year-olds socks, which, admittedly was too big for him, and I slipped it onto my foot.

It was like Cinde-freakin’-rella. Eureka! I cried.

I can make it through summer by sharing socks with my four year-old.

Crisis averted!

Challenge Rule 2: The Inventory

I have a little swimsuit cover-up that I haven’t had a chance to wear since I started my Inventory. So…inventory it, I did.

Challenge Rule 3: Go-To Catalogue:

I’m really not taking this rule as seriously as I should. I know for a fact that this rule has been helpful in the past, and I’ve been resting on my laurels thanks to my four-dresses-all-summer challenge. But just listing Go-to accessories for those four dresses would make me feel caught up… I need to do this.

Challenge Rule 4: Mise en Place/Plan Ahead:

I had a Mise en Place mishap this week, and it was all because I didn’t do it during my usually scheduled time. Instead of grabbing a black tank top to go under a lace blouse, I grabbed a pair of bike shorts in a moment of inattention. (I find bike shorts to be less helpful under a lace blouse than, I don’t under, under a skirt, oddly enough.) So at 4:00AM, when I went to get dressed and realized my error, I had to sneak through the bedroom into the Boudoir to get a tank top, which, in the dark I thought was black but ended up being navy blue. I decided this served me right, since I had put off doing my Mise en Place the night before until about two minutes before I fell into bed.

Lesson learned: do not put this off until bedtime.

Challenge Rule 5: Repair and Mend, Alter when Necessary:

I did a little finishing work on that Ikea duvet dress…this felt a bit like altering, although that was about it.


I was so so so close to, out of necessity, giving up on my challenge. But we are still afloat!

In Other News:

I shifted gears slightly this week and returned to my draft of the second novel, rereading it with a bit of distance. This is always fun, because I can, at times, get so caught up in the story that I forget that I wrote it.

I am starting to examine my progress on the little Ideal Life goals I had set for the summer and start thinking of what goals I want to set regarding the Ideal Life for the rest of the year.

Also, now that it is August, I am allowing myself to start imagining what September will look like, what my work goals will be for the last three months of the year.

Yay for seeing a light through the end of the summer tunnel!

Published by Lily Fields

I am passionate about contentment. This is a challenge, because I am equally passionate about progress. I get up at 4:00AM to chip away at a solution to this monolithic problem: how to make progress on my contentment. Born and raised in the USA, I married a French philosophy teacher in 1999. We have lived in France since 2007. We stayed young and carefree until life threw us two curveballs in the form of little humans one after another in 2015 and 2017 respectively. Now I am a slightly older, slightly more exhausted version of myself, but with mystery stains on my walls and a never-ending pile of laundry.

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