Week 16: Go-To, Inventory, Psychological Hypochondriac

This year, I set myself 22 little goals to pursue throughout the year. I call them the 22 in 22. They may all seem a bit random, but they were important to me at the time I made my New Year’s Resolution. Each Saturday, I take a few minutes to check my progress on a few of my goals.

#13 Develop the Go-To Catalog

You know what I miss? Writing about clothes and Cost Per Wear and Mise en Place. So in this week’s round-up, I am going to get back to those 22 in 22 about that thing I loved writing so much about!

The Go-To Catalog was supposed to be this easy-to-access dreamy thing: a notebook maybe, or an entry in my DAYONE journal, in which I could quickly take note of an outfit that “worked”, especially one that used elements I hadn’t put together either ever, or hadn’t worn in a while.

The purpose would have been to be able to refer back to it when I was feeling less than creative when it came time to do my Mise en Place. In theory this, is brilliant.

What isn’t brilliant is me. I can’t seem to summon up the energy to actually take note of what works (does this play into the mindfulness thing…how hard it is to stop an notice things that are going well?) I might even, from time to time, think, “I should really write this down,” and then a split second later, I will think, “Yes, but this is such a brilliant outfit that I will always remember it.”

Not to self: no matter how brilliant the outfit, it does not make me brilliant.

There was one small success: I had put something together that was so unlike me that I actually did remember it. When faced with a need to quickly get dressed for an engagement I had forgotten about, I went for it. And now I need to go write it down before I forget!

#15 1€ or less CPW for each individual item, less than 0.20€ per item globally

I’ve even been a bit lax about just keeping my little inventory up-to-date lately, and this just cannot stand! That said, my goal was to be at 0.20€ per item globally, and even without having updated my inventory for more than a week, I am at 0.23€.

Of course, that number won’t move if I don’t update the inventory, but this little reminder has got me excited to get back to work on this! With 8 months left in the year, I am very hopeful that, unless I end up buying something expensive that will take a long time to get down to 1€ per wear (which is very much not in the plan right now), I should hit this goal of 0.20€ and everything at less than 1€ CPW!!!!!

#22 Learn something fascinating about psychology every week

The algorithm on my news homepage seems to have me figured out: it gives me almost exclusively, both in French and English, articles from psychology reviews presenting studies into depression, narcissistic personality disorder, happiness, body image and procrastination.

This has made learning something fascinating as easy as waiting for the boys to finish washing their hands after playing in a sand pit at the park…I just have to have a three or four minutes and I can glean an interesting factoid to add to my armchair psychologist’s arsenal.

This week, it was about two forms of narcissistic personality disorder, which are two ends of the spectrum: Grandiose and Vulnerable, and how, although it is rare, the two can be present in the same individual, when both are found in their extremes.

I guess…I felt that. Cut to, me googling if it is possible to live a normal life with narcissistic personality disorder in its extremes. Note to self: apparently, a narcissist isn’t aware that he/she is a narcissist, so the very fact that I am googling this means that I am perhaps not as much of one as I think I am.

I’m starting to wonder if I shouldn’t stop looking into this stuff. I am starting to not enjoy feeling like a psychological hypochondriac!

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