About Lily Fields Challenge

Lily Fields,
Petticoat Minimalist

Professional creative person. Color enthusiast. Contentment Adventurer. Wardrobe storyteller. Philosopher princess. Rainbow chaser. Refashionista. Future podcasting royalty.

It took some doing, but after struggling for most of my life trying to fit into a round hole, and making myself crazy in the process, I got a new toolbox, screwed on an irregular-shaped drill bit and started carving out a life for myself in the image of who I actually am, and what I want for my life.

In the process, I developed a very simple, very personal method for pursuing my Ideal Life and started sharing it with a few of my closest friends. Guess what? It helped them, too.

We are now a goodly-sized community, each with our own talents, dreams and struggles, supporting one another to chase our bliss.

I pursue my dreams every day and so should you.
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