The Stuff of Life

There is one thing I can unequivocally state: No thing will make life perfect. Perfect moments are born of something intangible, something that goes beyond the sum of the objects. Things can participate in the making of a perfect moment, but they are not the assurance of perfect moments. Case in point: my boys wereContinue reading “The Stuff of Life”

Anticipation is Everything

My boys are currently five and almost four years old. This puts them at the very heart of an extremely selfish phase in which neither parental unit can even take out the trash without being asked “what did you buy me?” upon their return. In an effort to keep our apartment relatively uncluttered, we areContinue reading “Anticipation is Everything”

The Contentment Conundrum

I feel like I have spent my entire life searching after some thing that will bring me satisfaction. I can, and probably will, continue to dissect this urge for the remainder of my earthly life. I have a vivid memory of Christmas morning as a child, seeing what today I would consider the embarrassment ofContinue reading “The Contentment Conundrum”

…and everything in its place

Due to factors both within and beyond our control, my little family of four scalawag adventurers lives in a small fourth floor apartment. My indulgent husband and I moved into this apartment in 2012 after the building, which is on the historic building registry, was renovated. We had long been intrigued by the building andContinue reading “…and everything in its place”

“Just like Laura Ingalls…”

When I was growing up, it seems like we had an inordinate number of storms that would knock the power out on our street. I was lucky to have an older sister who remained nonplussed at something that I would have found a little scary without her. Without fail, my mother would say to us,Continue reading ““Just like Laura Ingalls…””