Today’s soundtrack comes from Duke Ellington. My first exposure to this tune was in 1996, when a boyfriend gave me a mix tape with several recordings from the Indigos album. This track has everything I love. A freely playing solo instrument to start, each supporting instrument entering discreetly, the rhythm section entering to build intensity.Continue reading “Tenderly”

Let’s Play “Grown-up Talk”

“Let’s play “grown-up talk;” one scalawag said to the other. They had just come off a twenty-minute kicking and hitting fest in the backseat on our way home from my in-laws. Honestly, I didn’t care what they played, as long as it no longer involved thumping on the back of my seat or someone whiningContinue reading “Let’s Play “Grown-up Talk””

The Edge Pieces: Part One

As you know, there is no quick, easy way to get a new puzzle started. We’ve got to simply wade into the mess: flip the pieces to the picture side, separate out the edge pieces, maybe consolidate a few obviously related pieces. It’s a process that takes time, but can be, if we are inContinue reading “The Edge Pieces: Part One”

Peace: Part One

Visualize Whirled Peas Why that little bumper sticker has stuck with me since I was in high school is beyond me. But every time I think of the word “Peace”, I visualize whirled peas. What does peace look like to you? Hopefully not a whirlpool of green legumes…although… Even that can be better than realityContinue reading “Peace: Part One”

Stress and the Ideal Life

Pre-scalawags, my husband and I used to ride our bikes a lot. Taking a 90 mile trip over a weekend was nothing to us. I rode my bike to work, which was about 15 minutes away. Not that far, but still. Enough that doing it everyday kept me moderately healthy. When that bike was stolenContinue reading “Stress and the Ideal Life”

Acceptance, part one

The first virtue we are going to dissect is the virtue of Acceptance. My buddies over at Oxford Dictionary define acceptance as the action of consenting to receive or undertake something offered. The virtue of Acceptance, according to the Philosopher Princess and her Prince Consort (that would be myself and my indulgent husband), is theContinue reading “Acceptance, part one”