Refashion: That Amazing Salmon T-shirt

Please allow me a theoretical digression before I show off my latest refashioning project: Remember how I told you that I have been suffering under the fog of my hormones lately? Remember how I was complaining, à la Justin McElroy, that my womb was wandering and I was feeling a little bit hysterical? Remember howContinue reading “Refashion: That Amazing Salmon T-shirt”

Refashion: That Fabulous Striped Shirt

I came across this quote that really spoke to me: Everything that you make, that’s made by your energy, is partially made out of you. It’s made out of whatever experiences you’ve had. So you can knit little booties and they will be made out of your rage. You can get your rage out ofContinue reading “Refashion: That Fabulous Striped Shirt”

Creative Destruction

At some point last year, I came to the epiphany that there was power in destruction. Oh, I said it far more eloquently last year than what I just said, but it went something like this: My hormones stir up anger and rage in me. And rather than destroy relationships by being thoughtless and sayingContinue reading “Creative Destruction”

The Ideal Life Round-Up: Personal Style

I am thankful that you, my reader, knows me well enough to not judge my flightiness of character. That there would be a theme in my Ideal Life called “personal style” seems so insignificant amid all the other things to be worrying about these days. And yet…and yet. This is why I got started inContinue reading “The Ideal Life Round-Up: Personal Style”

You should really stop shopping! Part six: But I can’t sew and other objections

It was irritating, it was compelling. It was…and here’s that word again, convicting. It was a book called Serve God, Save the Planet. This book was revolutionary to me. It put into perspective so much of what I was uncomfortable with in my life as a middle-class white American Christian. One, short little sentence thatContinue reading “You should really stop shopping! Part six: But I can’t sew and other objections”

Refashioning: Friends edition

In my real life, there are precious few people who know how expansively, maniacally, obsessively creative I am. You know, but only because I have chosen you with whom to share my deepest darkest secrets. But most people in my real life know me as either: the American, that woman with the noisy children orContinue reading “Refashioning: Friends edition”

Refashioning: Biker Chic Magic

As my stash of refashionable items gets smaller and smaller, I am finding less outlets for my ragey-creativity. As I have mentioned in the past, sewing is one of the only areas of my life in which I am not a paralyzing perfectionist. Knowing this about myself is crucial. Refashioning is my escape hatch, it’sContinue reading “Refashioning: Biker Chic Magic”

The Sublimation of Red Leggings

Yesterday, I went on a theoretical tangent about the Freudian concept of Sublimation: the act of redirecting socially unacceptable impulses into activities that those that are acceptable. I also discussed research on the creative process, by which adrenaline constantly raises the bar for the artist, causing him to seek out newer, more dangerous novel experiencesContinue reading “The Sublimation of Red Leggings”


As you know, I have a theory about everything. The fact that I pull most of my theories out of thin air doesn’t ever really bother me. In my last missive on hormonal rage and refashioning, I theorized that the act of creating helped create an escape hatch for the rage. I stand by thisContinue reading “Sublimation”

Rage Refashioning

Forgive this lengthy introduction: I have been reading up on different natural-ish ways to handle the mood swings that accompany the hormonal turmoil of menopause. May I remind you that while I may not look like it, I am someone with a very high tolerance threshold for pain, and was quite adamant about having naturalContinue reading “Rage Refashioning”