Episode 47: Dressing for Your Ideal Life

Talking Points: Heartspace and Headspace; the recursive shapes of our life; Mise en Place and decisions. When we know what we want for our life, it makes all of our decisions easier–including what we wear. This episode part of a series about how understanding our relationship to clothes and our closet can lead to aContinue reading “Episode 47: Dressing for Your Ideal Life”

Episode 46: Closet Inventory

Talking Points: Antiquities, Costumes and Sentimental Items. The contents of our closets are not just things we wear, but we insist on treating them as such. It is useful to start viewing some of the things in our closets as souvenirs or artifacts. This episode part of a series about how understanding our relationship toContinue reading “Episode 46: Closet Inventory”

Week 3: Being Still

According to the rules of my New Year’s Resolution, I’m meant to be doing for others what I would want done for me. This *should* be easy, right? Surprise surprise, this has become an increasingly mindbending endeavor. This requires a clarity of thought that I don’t often have in abundance. “What would I want doneContinue reading “Week 3: Being Still”

Closet Inventory Download

As promised in Episode 45: Wardrobe Therapy, here is a downloadable Excel spreadsheet that will help you kickstart your closet inventory: Don’t worry, the formulae are already there for you, and there are more than 1000 lines ready. (I really hope you won’t need 1000 lines. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!) I even put inContinue reading “Closet Inventory Download”

Episode 45: Wardrobe Therapy

Talking Points: Why do you wear what you wear?; Living off the land (AKA stop shopping!); doing a closet inventory. This episode is the first in a series about how understanding our relationship to clothes and our closet can lead to a more enjoyment and less stress. A great big thank you to Seven ProductionContinue reading “Episode 45: Wardrobe Therapy”

Week 2: A Golden Rule Conundrum

I had just spent a good thirty minutes folding clothes. They were not mine, because my clothes get the royal treatment. I usually hang mine up as they leave the washer, so that they dry nicely. I know. It’s selfish. But whatever. Call it self care. “Okay, everybody! Come get your laundry and put itContinue reading “Week 2: A Golden Rule Conundrum”

The “Golden Rule Rules” Rules

You know me by now, right? I like rules. I like to make rules and I like holding myself accountable to rules. So obviously, when Lily Fields makes a New Year’s Resolution, it comes with rules. I find that this helps break down a resolution into smaller chunks, making it hard to fail entirely, which,Continue reading “The “Golden Rule Rules” Rules”

Week 1: The Golden Rule Rules

This is my first roundup of the highlights from my Golden Rule resolution….that is…my resolution to live out the Golden Rule in as many ways as possible in 2023. First up, whereas this, pre-scalawags had been something we always used to do, but had stopped doing it in the last few years. It is soContinue reading “Week 1: The Golden Rule Rules”

2023: The Golden Rule Rules

Happy New Year! This year, I have a New Year’s Resolution that is not nearly as interesting as it was in 2022, and is absolutely, positively boring compared to 2021. But sometimes, boring is good, right? “Right,” she tries to convince herself. This year, I don’t have 22 little goals to make progress in, andContinue reading “2023: The Golden Rule Rules”

Episode 44: Facing Disappointment

Talking Points: Disappointment isn’t just for kids on Christmas Day; the origin of disappointment and how it can lead to rage; constructive ways to deal with disappointment in the long-term and the short-term; holding space for others as they let disappointment run its course. A special thank you to Seven Productions here in Mulhouse FranceContinue reading “Episode 44: Facing Disappointment”