More than I Want to Chew

I am, in case it hasn’t become abundantly clear, a creative type. I constantly have several projects going at once. I don’t have one major focus of interest, just swaths of creativity. I suppose “textiles” is one of those swaths, “writing” is one of those swaths, “music” is one of those swaths, “alchemy” is oneContinue reading “More than I Want to Chew”

Challenge Update: Week 4

Buy Nothing/Don’t Covet I bought nothing this week. This has been easy to get used to. I do not do moderation well. I like a nice firm limit like this, especially one that has a provable consequence. On the other hand, I struggled all week with my little (not so little) coveting problem. It allContinue reading “Challenge Update: Week 4”

Challenge Update: Week Two

Buy Nothing and Don’t Covet Having a plan is fabulous. Keeping myself accountable to this plan is painful. I did buy something this week, and although it is not actually an item of clothing, I am going to report it: I bought a little set of what are charmingly called “Bachelor’s Buttons” (no-sew buttons forContinue reading “Challenge Update: Week Two”