The Sticky Issues of Gift Giving Part One: Cash and Gift Cards

Salary negotiations, calculating who owes what on a group check at a restaurant, paying a babysitter, price haggling. If you are anything like me–and if you have found Lily Fields Challenge, it’s probably because you are!–you do not love talking about money either. It’s a horribly uncomfortable topic, and I really wish I could putContinue reading “The Sticky Issues of Gift Giving Part One: Cash and Gift Cards”

The Gift-Receiver Templates Part Four: Surprise or Anticipation

This template is less about the gift itself as it is about how the receiver perceives the importance of knowing. Some people love to percolate in the mystery and magic of wondering what is going to be under the tree. These people are the ones who will not try, even once they have a giftContinue reading “The Gift-Receiver Templates Part Four: Surprise or Anticipation”

The Gift-Receiver Templates Part Three: Sentimental and Practical

While these may seem like obvious distinctions, I still want us to do the exercise of thinking about the experience the sentimental and practical people on our lists most enjoy. Remember, we are wanting to become students of the people we love, so we can better speak their love languages. By identifying their specific way–orContinue reading “The Gift-Receiver Templates Part Three: Sentimental and Practical”

The Gift-Receiver Templates Part Two: Quantity vs. Quality

I want you to imagine something for a second: You are ten years old. It’s Christmas morning. You tiptoe out of your room to check out what magic happened over night (even though you don’t really still believe in all that hocus-pocus, you are still hedging your bets.) In scenario one, there are dozens ofContinue reading “The Gift-Receiver Templates Part Two: Quantity vs. Quality”

The Gift-Receiver Templates Part One: The Troublemakers

Part one: The Troublemakers Your homework over the last few days has been to make a list of the special people in your life to whom you give gifts during the holiday season. I also asked you add the people you sometimes forget about. (“How do I remember something I usually forget,” you may ask?Continue reading “The Gift-Receiver Templates Part One: The Troublemakers”

How to give great gifts: Part Two

Bandwidth Oh my goodness, I hate what I am about to do. I am going to use a buzzword-y jargon-y word. Please, please, please forgive me in advance. Bandwidth: the amount of information that can be sent over a network connection at one time. Also, a person’s capacity to take on more work, responsibility orContinue reading “How to give great gifts: Part Two”

How to give great gifts: Part One

My indulgent husband and I differ very, very strongly on one solid, rather important relational point. He believes that surprises are a good thing. I, personally, hate surprises. This difference has only recently come to light in our relationship, and, as with most of the other points of conflict that have arisen in our 22Continue reading “How to give great gifts: Part One”

Another Kind of Inheritance

About four years ago, a former colleague contacted me. He has four children. He asked if I would be interested in a carload full of little boy clothes that his kids had outgrown, most of them in perfect condition. I remember, even at the time, thinking that this was an amazing bounty. Little kid clothes,Continue reading “Another Kind of Inheritance”

Peacock Bliss

I was given a very thoughtful gift a few weeks ago from a very dear friend who caught wind of my Buy-No-Clothes-in-2021 challenge. My friend, who I don’t get to see very often, knows how much I love clothes (one of my very first refashioning projects ever was with some of her daughter’s discarded blouses!)Continue reading “Peacock Bliss”