The Ideal Life Round-Up Contentment

Similar to the Ideal Life Theme of “Gravitas”, “Contentment” is quite idiosyncratic. If “Gravitas” is part of my Ideal Life, it is because I have always felt as though, for some reason, I never properly grew up into an adult. If “Contentment” is part of my Ideal Life, it is because I have never beenContinue reading “The Ideal Life Round-Up Contentment”

It’s not yours to keep

Throughout this year of buying no clothes, I experienced a palette of emotions concerning what I own. There was the initial freak out and covetousness, the painstaking early period during which I tried to figure out ironing (short-lived, I promise), the time of careful, attentive alterations, followed by the wild and carefree era of refashioning.Continue reading “It’s not yours to keep”

The many, many benefits of decluttering

I can’t believe that there is still anything here to declutter. But believe it or not, I keep finding things. After one full week of ruthless decluttering, I am still finding the occasional odd or end that no longer has a home at my address. This has been, without a doubt, one of the strangestContinue reading “The many, many benefits of decluttering”

Because it makes you feel alive

Somewhere on the spectrum of my Ideal Life, as a function of the themes of Passion, Wise Decisions and Scheduling and Planning lies the theme of Commitments. That word commitment gets pretty bad press, and for good reason. It’s such a personal thing, but more often than not, our commitments impact others. Commitments are aContinue reading “Because it makes you feel alive”

Joy is Not Black or White

Quick! Before you do your summer closet declutter! Let me just get a word in edgewise. I know that summer is the perfect time to do that big big big closet overhaul. But before you do, I want plant an idea or two in your thoughts for consideration. This article will contain lots of linksContinue reading “Joy is Not Black or White”

A Clean House

To come round out my unfitness as a wife and mother is another wholly socially unacceptable gem of a character trait: I am a terrible terrible terrible terrible housekeeper. Don’t get me wrong. I love a clean house. I love a sparkly floor or a clean shower-thing-you-put-the-soap-on. I don’t just passively dislike housekeeping. I activelyContinue reading “A Clean House”

How to be your own fairy god-mother

As I was pondering our next steps together regarding the Ideal Life Exercise, I came to a conclusion: I have been a little loosey-goosey with language. That probably won’t change, but I do want to issue a bit of a correction, so that as we go forward you don’t get the wrong idea about myContinue reading “How to be your own fairy god-mother”

Life is too short to wear an ugly bra

by Poppy Fields Now that you have watched “The Devil Wears Prada” (which was yesterday’s homework!) and understand the difference between a blah cotton bra and a lovely, satiny, lacy number, we are going to delve into the importance of wearing the correct brassiere with each ensemble. In the past, I could have thought “IContinue reading “Life is too short to wear an ugly bra”

Mise en Place Cliff’s Notes

Before we continue our ode to Mise en Place this week, which we will be doing with intervention from my sister again on one of her favorite topics, that of pretty undergarments, and one of my favorite topics, wardrobe theory, I want to take a moment to give a quick overview of what we haveContinue reading “Mise en Place Cliff’s Notes”