Goal Collector

This is the time of year when I generally start thinking about what I want the next year to look like. You may have noticed that I am more than just a “New Years Resolution” kinda gal, seeing as how I am in my forty-eighth week of my 2021 challenge to buy no clothes. IContinue reading “Goal Collector”

The Zen of Heartburn

What if, when you bought something that you didn’t need, you got heartburn? Like, that awful feeling of having a pill stuck in your throat that happens after you eat that thing that you shouldn’t have eaten. Or too many of those cookies. Or too much of anything. The joys of indigestion I have madeContinue reading “The Zen of Heartburn”

The building block of woman’s health

I have messed around with creating a kind of subjective “how I am feeling in my body” scale, with elements like, flexibility, energy, stamina or how clear is my skin? This kind of measurement scale is not something I can ever stick to over the long haul, but it can be effective as a pushContinue reading “The building block of woman’s health”

Measuring the building blocks of health

As with just about anything I have learned regarding contentment, part of the mental trick of living a contented life is being able to enjoy the benefits of the future in the present. This is not always easy to do. But making steady progress towards my goals and celebrating that progress is, by far, theContinue reading “Measuring the building blocks of health”

Join the Circus

The circus. I dream of the circus. I don’t dream of going to the circus, no, no, no! I want to run away and join the circus. While I never thought I would have children, this has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. I remember my mother singing “GoodbyeContinue reading “Join the Circus”

The Sublimation of Red Leggings

Yesterday, I went on a theoretical tangent about the Freudian concept of Sublimation: the act of redirecting socially unacceptable impulses into activities that those that are acceptable. I also discussed research on the creative process, by which adrenaline constantly raises the bar for the artist, causing him to seek out newer, more dangerous novel experiencesContinue reading “The Sublimation of Red Leggings”


As you know, I have a theory about everything. The fact that I pull most of my theories out of thin air doesn’t ever really bother me. In my last missive on hormonal rage and refashioning, I theorized that the act of creating helped create an escape hatch for the rage. I stand by thisContinue reading “Sublimation”

The Circus and Infertility Promises

Today’s soundtrack is brought to you by Cirque du Soleil, La Nouba. Please, take a moment to read along while the man with the dreamy voice tells you a story: Begin a taleWith a breath, I inhaleI cast a spell use the words that propelSet you a sailTo a place where dreams of men dwellNightmaresContinue reading “The Circus and Infertility Promises”

Body Positivity and Health

This article feels urgent to me, not because of where I am in my journey, but because of where you, that one reader who needs to reads this, are in your life. You know I don’t like to give advice. I really try not to get preachy. I only have my experience to speak from.Continue reading “Body Positivity and Health”

Mental Health

Monday, May 24, 2021. 4:30AM I was happily typing away in my makeshift office (couch, laptop, cat, blanket.) I was thinking about the work I wanted to get done for the week. My thoughts drifted to the question, “Will my youngest scalawag’s teacher be back today after her bout with COVID?” She hadn’t sent anContinue reading “Mental Health”