Listen to me, Lily

To: Mme L.F. Indulgent-ScalawagsAlsace, France From: Miss Lily FieldsWoods of the Lake, Northeastern Ohio Dear Mme Indulgent-Scalawags, You didn’t mention anything about my cute blond hair, and honestly, I’m almost offended. Well, I decided not to continue studying with that voice teacher. We had a few…differences of opinion, but you seemed to know that wouldContinue reading “Listen to me, Lily”

My Bags of Gold

Full Disclosure: I am an expert in nothing other than knowing what I am supposed to do right in this very instant. As a corollary to that first disclaimer: I am very good at knowing what I should do. Not so great at always actually doing it. I spent a year in France after highContinue reading “My Bags of Gold”

The Boy Moms of the #MeToo Generation

You are joking. We had been married sixteen years when we had our first baby. I was almost thirty-eight years old. By then, I had quite a lot of practice at being a girly girl. I have one sister. On my Dad’s side, that is, on Gigi’s side, we are all girls. That is sevenContinue reading “The Boy Moms of the #MeToo Generation”