Celebrate Everything

If you need to find a reason to celebrate something, I’m your gal. I can always find a silver lining, which can make me downright unbearable at times. The Boobie Retirement Party When my littlest scalawag was a baby, he decided one day that he was done nursing and never cared to see my boobiesContinue reading “Celebrate Everything”

Tutu Mania

Wednesday in France is called “le jour des enfants.” Traditionally, kids don’t have school on Wednesdays, or if the do it is only for a half day. Wednesday is the day for extracurriculars: in our house, it is Circus School for a little scalawag and Music School for the big. I don’t exactly know why,Continue reading “Tutu Mania”

Always something new

Of my two scalawags, the youngest one is the one who looks and thinks and acts most like me. He’s overdramatic, but in a funny way. He has a flair of holding onto just the right expression and pulling it out at the most exasperating times (I am thus reminded of ever single time IContinue reading “Always something new”

Rescue me from my happiness

In 2016, the year after my eldest was born, I became quite interested in the topic of happiness. I suppose part of it stemmed from the letdown of discovering that being a parent didn’t complete me the way I had brainwashed myself to believe it would when I was pregnant. I don’t know where IContinue reading “Rescue me from my happiness”

Pandora’s Box

The opposite of contentment is not misery, it is dissatisfaction. Dissatisfaction can make us miserable. It is not however, the misery of poverty, hunger or isolation. We can be hungry and still be content. We can be isolated and still be content. It is dissatisfaction that gets me started on the vicious cycle of wantingContinue reading “Pandora’s Box”