Wool is Cool: Meet the kids

In the great saga that resulted from the realization, in May of this year, that there was no way I could use up 50 kilograms of raw wool on my own for my own little projects, we are now beginning the hero’s (ahem, the foolish creative person’s) journey. To catch you up, once Musa, theContinue reading “Wool is Cool: Meet the kids”

A Seasonal Changeover

Miss Flighty is back. It just so happens that this week’s podcast episode was about Personal Style, and I decided to try my hand at another seasonal wardrobe changeover. These are entirely unrelated activities, however. I did my very best in this week’s episode to explain that thinking about issues of personal style is notContinue reading “A Seasonal Changeover”

The Ideal Life Round-Up Contentment

Similar to the Ideal Life Theme of “Gravitas”, “Contentment” is quite idiosyncratic. If “Gravitas” is part of my Ideal Life, it is because I have always felt as though, for some reason, I never properly grew up into an adult. If “Contentment” is part of my Ideal Life, it is because I have never beenContinue reading “The Ideal Life Round-Up Contentment”

Thankfulness Week, Day Three: Useful Things

My scalawags eat enough apples to keep the doctor away from our entire neighborhood. I’m talking like, four apples a day. Each. I love it that they love apples, but, goodness gracious that’s a lot of peeling and cutting. In our kitchen, I have a little apple cutting station. (Not the kind of thing IContinue reading “Thankfulness Week, Day Three: Useful Things”

You should really stop shopping! Part One: Living off the Land

It’s a thought that may have crossed your mind once you got home and balanced your checkbook and realized that maybe you shouldn’t have bought that silky navy blue top. Or maybe you found yourself hiding the evidence of your purchase from the people you live with…and when you wore your purchase for the firstContinue reading “You should really stop shopping! Part One: Living off the Land”

Brainstorming my summer

One of my favorite parts of any creative project is the brainstorming part. This can take many different forms. With a refashioning project, I have to stand in front of the mirror for a few minutes, holding the item that is to be refashioned. Sometimes, as I do this, it will trigger the memory ofContinue reading “Brainstorming my summer”


I am going to preface everything you are going to read in this article by saying that the choices my husband and I have made about how to live are not typical. We decided, from the very beginning of our marriage, nearly twenty-two years ago, to live in such a way that only one ofContinue reading “Work”

Environment and Ecology

Thank goodness I don’t have only themes that force me to come face-to-face with myself and my shortcomings! Being a good steward of the space and resources that has been accorded to me is one of the areas I like to consider every few weeks in my Ideal Life Exercise. This has a broad meaningContinue reading “Environment and Ecology”

A Good Decluttering

When I discovered Marie Kondo and her delightful book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, I had just had my second baby in seventeen months. We lived (and still do!) in an 75 m² (800 ft²) apartment which had been absolutely perfect for two people and all ofContinue reading “A Good Decluttering”