Thankfulness Week, Day 4: The L Word

In one of the myriad audiobooks my boys have been ingesting over the last months, there is a recurring joke about the “L word.” As in, a kid who refuses to say he “loves” something, because, apparently, “love is for girls.” (This enraged me the first time I heard it, too. But the stories neverContinue reading “Thankfulness Week, Day 4: The L Word”

Thankfulness Week, Day Three: Useful Things

My scalawags eat enough apples to keep the doctor away from our entire neighborhood. I’m talking like, four apples a day. Each. I love it that they love apples, but, goodness gracious that’s a lot of peeling and cutting. In our kitchen, I have a little apple cutting station. (Not the kind of thing IContinue reading “Thankfulness Week, Day Three: Useful Things”

Thankfulness Week, Day Two: Unexpected Outcomes

“Hey now, Lil!” you might be saying. “I thought you hated surprises! What is this about being thankful for the unexpected?” I know, I know. But where would the fun be if there wasn’t a little contradiction now and then to keep life interesting? But let me explain: Anticipation is fantastic. I swear by anticipation.Continue reading “Thankfulness Week, Day Two: Unexpected Outcomes”

Thankfulness Week, Day One: Audiobooks

“Why don’t you get some help?” the doctor asked. My heart sank. She isn’t going to understand, whispered the little voice in the back of my head. I had taken my youngest to the doctor because, when we switched the clocks back at the end of October here in France, my youngest child decided that,Continue reading “Thankfulness Week, Day One: Audiobooks”