Episode 62: Memory

In this week’s episode, Lily digs into the topic of post-partum depression, just in time for Mother’s Day. As it turns out, even once the fog lifts, there is still work to be done. Your Homework this week is to look at the 19 Ideal Life Themes (click here, or see below) and prioritize them.Continue reading “Episode 62: Memory”

More about novelty

This week on Sing With Your Feet, we are talking about Novelty. Now, don’t get bored reading this first section while I talk about clothes again for a second. If that happens, skip to the second part. I shared in the episode that after completing my seasonal changeover, ie, getting out my summer clothes andContinue reading “More about novelty”

Virtue: Heroism or Pretentiousness

A conversation with Charming Fields. It’s been a while since we’ve talked about virtue, but it’s a subject my indulgent husband and I have been talking about a lot lately! You met him on the podcast a few weeks ago, yes, he really does exist, and no, he does not sound like Pepe LePew theContinue reading “Virtue: Heroism or Pretentiousness”


Vacations are never an easy time at Casa Fields. The two week winter break back in February, although punctuated by a brief period of respite for me personally, was overshadowed by an uncomfortable, nagging unpleasant attitude of negotiation. I’m not a haggler. I don’t care about making a deal. The sooner a transaction is overContinue reading “Negotiation”

You can’t fake joy

So…day 2 of trying to serve my family with joy was not so great. Firstly, my youngest is in a phase where he is waking up again at 5:00AM. Now that the two boys are sharing a room, this means my eldest is also waking up at 5:00AM. Only yesterday morning, my eldest was theContinue reading “You can’t fake joy”

Saying it out loud

As someone who lives, conservatively, more than 95% of my life in the space between my ears, getting out of my head can be an enormous, gigantic, ferocious challenge. I’m not bad with words. I mean, I overheard myself talking to my eldest about a school friend situation (oh! how cruel school friends can beContinue reading “Saying it out loud”

On a Date with My Baby

As I gushed over the weekend, my littlest guy turned five on Saturday. Five is a big deal. Five is decidedly no-longer-baby-boy territory. In the week prior to the big day, I was having all kinds of thoughts, but what caused me to ruminate the most was this: I was five years old when weContinue reading “On a Date with My Baby”


Influenceable. I had to check and see if that was really a word or not. Easily influenced would have been my first thought, but I wanted a word that sounded more like Influencer. This may or may not come as a surprise to you, but I have a very very strong dislike of influencers. ThisContinue reading “Influenceable”

The Edge Pieces: Part Two

Yesterday, we took a look at the first part of the (non-exhaustive) list of virtues my indulgent philosopher husband and I propose as some edge pieces for the puzzle of your Ideal Life. Today and tomorrow, we are going to continue this overview. Get out your notebook: some of these you might want not agreeContinue reading “The Edge Pieces: Part Two”