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In 2022, your fairy godmother, Lily Fields, takes you under her wing to help you dust off your dreams, uncover what used to make you sparkle and make practical, compassionate, down-to-earth magic as you pursue your Ideal Life.

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About Lily Fields

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Tiny Dancer

Warning. Things are about to get mushy. You’ve heard me say this a lot, but my eldest child is a carbon copy of his indulgent father. He looks like him, talks like him, thinks like him. They have similar reactions to things. Neither of them see it, but as someone who loves both of themContinue reading “Tiny Dancer”

Episode 31: Mental Health

Show Notes Talking Points: Rage; Sublimation; Mental Hygiene. Episode 31: Mental Health is part of our series on the Ideal Life Categories. The series began back in Episode 15: The One About Our Bodies, in case you want to get caught up. Links: The Great Bathrobe Refashion: https://lilyfieldschallenge.com/2021/05/18/the-great-2021-bathrobe-refashion/ Rage Refashioning: https://lilyfieldschallenge.com/2021/05/27/rage-refashioning/ Sublimation: https://lilyfieldschallenge.com/2021/06/09/sublimation/ You canContinue reading “Episode 31: Mental Health”

Episode 30: Contentment

Show Notes Talking Points: Where do you keep your heart?; The Mandy and Jenny doll tragedy; You should really stop shopping. Episode 30: is part of our series on the Ideal Life Categories, this week’s theme being “Contentment.” The series began back in Episode 15: The One About Our Bodies, in case you want toContinue reading “Episode 30: Contentment”

Episode 29: Commitments

Show Notes Talking Points: Enthusiasm and healthy skepticism as tools for making commitments that stick; breaking down the commitment making progress so that you won’t dread them in the future. Episode 29: is part of our series on the Ideal Life Categories, this week’s theme being “Commitments.” The series began back in Episode 15: TheContinue reading “Episode 29: Commitments”

It’s been a summer

School starts today. Yesterday, I took my boys for one last “hoorah” to our favorite little theme park, amid a million other little errands. I got them a frozen treat (a blue slushy is for one, strawberry ice cream cone for the other). I asked, “So what was the highlight of your summer?” And inContinue reading “It’s been a summer”

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I’m on an adventure.

Contentment is the treasure I seek.
To conquer the dragons of dissatisfaction, I am armed with hopefulness, determination and a big dose of craftiness. My journey finds me accompanied by two little scalawags, their indulgent father and our faithful alley cats.
We live in France in a tiny fourth floor apartment. (There’s an elevator. I’m adventurous, but not that adventurous.)

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