Sing With Your Feet: The Podcast

The Podcast

Your fairy godmother, Lily Fields, helps you dust off your dreams, uncover the treasures you’ve buried and starting living your Ideal Life.
You don’t think you have dreams? You don’t think you’ve got any buried treasure at all?
Well, Lily’s got her magic wand, and she’s got hope enough for the both of you.
So strap on your singin’ shoes. It’s time to start Singing With Your Feet.

First two episodes drop January 6, 2022 on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher.

Episode 64: The Golden Rule Rules Sing With Your Feet

In this last episode before the summer hiatus, Lily talks about this year's challenge to live out the Golden Rule and some of the hiccups that have appeared along the way.
  1. Episode 64: The Golden Rule Rules
  2. Episode 63: Foresight
  3. Episode 62: Memory
  4. Episode 61: Novelty
  5. Episode 60: How to Have Great Sex
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