The Ideal Life Round-Up: Work

“Angelica…Eliza! (And Peggy.)” So, so, so, so sorry that I got that in your head. Maybe it will stop cycling through mine now, though. No endless diatribe on this theme. It is what it is: the Ideal Life theme of Work is what it takes to make ends meet. In my Ideal Life, I amContinue reading “The Ideal Life Round-Up: Work”

Ideal Life Intentions—a Year in Review

Progress is a drug to me. I always need to feel like I am “getting somewhere”, no matter how tiny the progress is. Over the last few years, I have discovered that unless I am specific about what direction I want to be heading, it is very, very easy to get waylaid and stagnate. AndContinue reading “Ideal Life Intentions—a Year in Review”

The Ambivalence Problem

On a good day I consider myself a mediocre parent. My idea of winning at motherhood is convincing my kids to clean each other’s rooms up as a “surprise” so that I don’t have to do it. Our lockdown homeschooling consisted of going to skateboard ramps and riding around and climbing on them. I calledContinue reading “The Ambivalence Problem”

Dissecting the Urge

What makes us want? This is the philosophical question that is rumbling around in my head this morning. It is in no small part inspired by the zebra dress experiment from a few weeks ago. Also, from having just done a clothing exchange with a friend, in which I gave her a few things thatContinue reading “Dissecting the Urge”

Battlefields and little boys

Here on the blog, I try to stay away from politics. Politics and fashion, while they may crossover in real life for important people at times, don’t really cross paths in my life. However, from time to time, I do get to writing about my miserable parenting skills and being a mom to boys. These,Continue reading “Battlefields and little boys”

A creative person’s guide to doing your taxes

Warning: This article is not for normal people. The goal of this article is to provide a step by step framework to help creative-types do a paralyzingly simple activity which we would generally be unable get started otherwise. If you are normal, you are going to look at this and wonder what is wrong withContinue reading “A creative person’s guide to doing your taxes”

Make Checklists: Check!

I did it. I made two checklists. I made one for the pool and I made one for the park. It took me forever to sit down with a pencil and paper to actually get them started, but this seems to be truth: the hardest part of doing anything is actually to start doing it.Continue reading “Make Checklists: Check!”

Learning to say no

One thing I’ve noticed about my family is that I tend to be the one who puts the most things on the calendar, in spite of the fact that I abhor leaving the house most of the time. I am the one who has the highest expectations for what we will be able to getContinue reading “Learning to say no”

A Clean House

To come round out my unfitness as a wife and mother is another wholly socially unacceptable gem of a character trait: I am a terrible terrible terrible terrible housekeeper. Don’t get me wrong. I love a clean house. I love a sparkly floor or a clean shower-thing-you-put-the-soap-on. I don’t just passively dislike housekeeping. I activelyContinue reading “A Clean House”

Schedule and Family Life

I don’t know if retro-planning is real word or one I invented, but it has been what I have been known for introducing to single place I ever worked. It means starting as far out as possible from an event date and counting backwards to the current date, scheduling through the steps and tiny detailsContinue reading “Schedule and Family Life”