Refashioning: Friends edition

In my real life, there are precious few people who know how expansively, maniacally, obsessively creative I am. You know, but only because I have chosen you with whom to share my deepest darkest secrets. But most people in my real life know me as either: the American, that woman with the noisy children orContinue reading “Refashioning: Friends edition”

Refashioning: Biker Chic Magic

As my stash of refashionable items gets smaller and smaller, I am finding less outlets for my ragey-creativity. As I have mentioned in the past, sewing is one of the only areas of my life in which I am not a paralyzing perfectionist. Knowing this about myself is crucial. Refashioning is my escape hatch, it’sContinue reading “Refashioning: Biker Chic Magic”

Making Headway

I have, in complement to my Buy No Clothes in 2021 Challenge, decided to make a dent in my wish to get each individual element in my wardrobe to below 1€ per wear. In order to do this, I chose four specific dresses that would comport my summer wardrobe, each one which would take aContinue reading “Making Headway”


As you know, I have a theory about everything. The fact that I pull most of my theories out of thin air doesn’t ever really bother me. In my last missive on hormonal rage and refashioning, I theorized that the act of creating helped create an escape hatch for the rage. I stand by thisContinue reading “Sublimation”

Rage Refashioning

Forgive this lengthy introduction: I have been reading up on different natural-ish ways to handle the mood swings that accompany the hormonal turmoil of menopause. May I remind you that while I may not look like it, I am someone with a very high tolerance threshold for pain, and was quite adamant about having naturalContinue reading “Rage Refashioning”

Personal Style

Remember when I bored you to tears with my unending discussion of Mise en Place? All those thoughts, all two weeks (minus the articles Daisy and Poppy wrote) worth, came as a result of the last two years of doing my Ideal Life Exercises. The question of “What should I wear today?” and the pronouncementContinue reading “Personal Style”

The Great 2021 Bathrobe Refashion

In July 2015 I bought the perfect bathrobe. I needed it, or so I had been told, for the delivery room, where I was destined to give birth to my first child. When I discovered it wedged in among the silky bathrobes on the clearance rack at the store, it felt like such a find.Continue reading “The Great 2021 Bathrobe Refashion”

Ideal Life Week Three

Let’s recap: The Ideal Life Exercise is an idiosyncratic way to help make progress towards what we think should be our Ideal Life, based a long series of In my Ideal Life I am a person who… statements. These statements might take one day write, or a month to write. It doesn’t matter how longContinue reading “Ideal Life Week Three”

You should really stop shopping! Part six: But I can’t sew and other objections

It was irritating, it was compelling. It was…and here’s that word again, convicting. It was a book called Serve God, Save the Planet. This book was revolutionary to me. It put into perspective so much of what I was uncomfortable with in my life as a middle-class white American Christian. One, short little sentence thatContinue reading “You should really stop shopping! Part six: But I can’t sew and other objections”

Does this mean I’m a tailor now?

Fair warning: this article will contain mysteries of geometry, photos of wedgies, really bad jokes and extremely strange vocabulary which has made me giggle all day. If any of these things are triggers for you, you might want to pass. I want to thank from the bottom of my heart Myra, Amy, Victoria, Josephine, theContinue reading “Does this mean I’m a tailor now?”