I am going to preface everything you are going to read in this article by saying that the choices my husband and I have made about how to live are not typical. We decided, from the very beginning of our marriage, nearly twenty-two years ago, to live in such a way that only one ofContinue reading “Work”

The Red Line

When I started down the journey to live lighter, it was a practical study: we were four people living in the space which only two had previously inhabited and we needed more space. A bigger apartment was not in the cards, so if we wanted to not drown in stuff, then we needed to declutter.Continue reading “The Red Line”

…and everything in its place

Due to factors both within and beyond our control, my little family of four scalawag adventurers lives in a small fourth floor apartment. My indulgent husband and I moved into this apartment in 2012 after the building, which is on the historic building registry, was renovated. We had long been intrigued by the building andContinue reading “…and everything in its place”