Darth Vader and the Hedonic Treadmill

Remember how we talked about the Hedonic Treadmill the other day? That idea in psychology that we always want more? That barely have we attained a thing that we are already looking for our next conquest? Before I had ever heard the term Hedonic Treadmill, I had invented a term for the phenomenon in myContinue reading “Darth Vader and the Hedonic Treadmill”

The Ideal Life Round-Up: Commitments

“Stay close to what makes you feel alive.“ To many of my Ideal Life themes this year, I gave a little tagline–one little sentence to guide my thinking. For example, the theme of Marriage was, “Half the magic is me.” Or for Parenting, a quote lifted from Hamilton: “Talk less. Smile more.” Or for Relationships,Continue reading “The Ideal Life Round-Up: Commitments”