Enjoying Flow and Preparing for Ebb

When I was on my decluttering bender last week, I mentioned that my mother had once said that when we have the energy and the desire to pursue something creatively, that we should consider it a gift, because it probably won’t last. I fully recognize that decluttering isn’t, in and of itself, a creative activity,Continue reading “Enjoying Flow and Preparing for Ebb”

Something to look forward to

I love to set goals for myself. I am ultra competitive with myself, which is usually a pretty fun, motivating thing to be, until, of course, I run out of motivation juice. That’s why my Buy No Clothes in 2021 Challenge has been successful. I know myself, I know what motivates me, and I knowContinue reading “Something to look forward to”

Music (The Wildcard)

My wildcard theme for the Ideal Life Exercises is Music. It is the part of my life without which I would be wholly incomplete. It is the part of my life that allows me to express the aches and joys of my heart with my body in ways that words fail to capture. I don’tContinue reading “Music (The Wildcard)”

Celebrate Everything

If you need to find a reason to celebrate something, I’m your gal. I can always find a silver lining, which can make me downright unbearable at times. The Boobie Retirement Party When my littlest scalawag was a baby, he decided one day that he was done nursing and never cared to see my boobiesContinue reading “Celebrate Everything”