I want more of that.

If you thought that with a title like that this article would be about getting off the Hedonic Treadmill…well, it means that you know me very very well. However, that is not what we are talking about today. Since January 1, I have been writing a blog in French. It was very much out ofContinue reading “I want more of that.”

The Science of Self-Control

Do you know how many articles I have started and abandoned on this topic over the last few weeks? I would be hard pressed to count them all. But I’m glad I waited. The topic at hand touches on four points from my 22 in 22: First, learning to escape Dopamine Loop, second, the HedonicContinue reading “The Science of Self-Control”

Saying it out loud

As someone who lives, conservatively, more than 95% of my life in the space between my ears, getting out of my head can be an enormous, gigantic, ferocious challenge. I’m not bad with words. I mean, I overheard myself talking to my eldest about a school friend situation (oh! how cruel school friends can beContinue reading “Saying it out loud”

A Mini-Success

After a pretty terrible week, after having slept for nearly 36 hours from Friday afternoon to Sunday morning–either because I was fending off the same flu that kept my eldest home all week, or because the stress and emotions and too-much-togetherness and noise of the week finally caught up to me–I woke up on SundayContinue reading “A Mini-Success”

Virtual Flow

It happens so rarely, doesn’t it? Flow, that is. That mystical, mythical, mysterious state of mind, state of the heart, state of the universe when everything just works. The concept of Flow was elaborated by the psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. (All the fairy dust in the world wouldn’t have helped me spell that correctly. Thank youContinue reading “Virtual Flow”

Week 2: Connecting and Becoming Royalty

As I have been saying all week, my resolutions this year are myriad. Well, twenty-two to be exact. Although I can’t update progress on the whole lot of them the way I did with my five little rules last year, I can give you a few highlights. Progress Point: #1 Connect better with the scalawagsContinue reading “Week 2: Connecting and Becoming Royalty”

22 in 22: The Abyss, Unplug and Nonsense.

Wow. Twenty-two goals is a lot of goals. Who knew it would take me the better part of the week to think through…well…not yet even all of them! Today should go pretty quickly: there is nothing terribly earth-shattering here! #11 Protect Logins & Passwords from The Abyss Ah yes, The Abyss. The Abyss that isContinue reading “22 in 22: The Abyss, Unplug and Nonsense.”

A Zebra For All Seasons

At the risk of imagining myself one of those people who unboxes new toys for their millions of YouTube fans (about which I have zero delusions), or TikToks themselves showing off their latest thrift store haul, I do still want to tell you about how I came to possess not one but two zebra dresses.Continue reading “A Zebra For All Seasons”

Week 1: Meet the 22 for 22

One of the very most beneficial things I did for my Buy-No-Clothes-in-2021 Challenge was to do a weekly check-in. Each Saturday, I sat down with the list of rules and goals I had set for myself, and I considered how I may or may not have made progress towards them. Naturally, knowing me, I can’tContinue reading “Week 1: Meet the 22 for 22”

Darth Vader and the Hedonic Treadmill

Remember how we talked about the Hedonic Treadmill the other day? That idea in psychology that we always want more? That barely have we attained a thing that we are already looking for our next conquest? Before I had ever heard the term Hedonic Treadmill, I had invented a term for the phenomenon in myContinue reading “Darth Vader and the Hedonic Treadmill”