The Inventory

I have mentioned this before, but at some point in my life I read that Princess Diana had an assistant who kept track of every outfit she wore, on what occasion. As someone who used to idolize Princess Diana, this little fact took on mythic proportions in my brain. I have scoured Google looking forContinue reading “The Inventory”

The Boudoir

I call it The Boudoir. I have called my closet The Boudoir everywhere we have lived since 2001, when the indulgent husband and I lived in Orlando, in an old building with amazing hardwood floors at 220 South Eola Drive. (I can speak with such liberality about our address because the building has since beenContinue reading “The Boudoir”

A Good Decluttering

When I discovered Marie Kondo and her delightful book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, I had just had my second baby in seventeen months. We lived (and still do!) in an 75 m² (800 ft²) apartment which had been absolutely perfect for two people and all ofContinue reading “A Good Decluttering”

A Time for Everything

I am a coveter, which is a weird admission to make. But I say it with all the seriousness of a person who might say, “I am an alcoholic,” or “I am a sex addict” or “I am a binge eater” (which I am, and is germane to the topic.) I made a decision inContinue reading “A Time for Everything”

Take Nothing With You: Part Two

Minimalism as an exercise in spiritual discipline. Throughout my life I have experienced sparse moments of incredible clarity. Seeing as how I am, generally, in everyday life, a complete ditz, these moments of clarity are not homegrown. I recognize them because they come as fully formed in my brain and seem, even to me, whoContinue reading “Take Nothing With You: Part Two”

Take Nothing With You, Part One

Decluttering as a spiritual exercise I want to share a small part of my personal journey which has influenced how I see decluttering and minimalism as a spiritual exercise. My French husband and I married in 1999 and moved around quite a bit: we lived overseas, we lived in Cleveland, Ohio, we lived in Orlando,Continue reading “Take Nothing With You, Part One”

The Red Line

When I started down the journey to live lighter, it was a practical study: we were four people living in the space which only two had previously inhabited and we needed more space. A bigger apartment was not in the cards, so if we wanted to not drown in stuff, then we needed to declutter.Continue reading “The Red Line”

Hungry for empty space

So apparently it is very difficult for four people to live together in a small apartment that was just the perfect size for two people. Who would’ve imagined? It has been a long time coming, but a decision has been reached that this particular family of four must move. Believe it or not, it isContinue reading “Hungry for empty space”

The Saga of the Elf Boots

In 2020, I would never have even given this situation a passing thought. OK, maybe I would have, but only because the object of the decision is something to which I have a little bit of an emotional attachment. It might be helpful for me to explain what is going on, huh? As you know,Continue reading “The Saga of the Elf Boots”

Saying Thank You and Goodbye

Only fourteen days into my challenge I have to make a tough, tough, tough decision. I have a favorite t-shirt. I inherited it from my mother-in-law, who had put it in a pile of clothes she was going to donate to the Salvation Army two years ago at Christmas time. I loved the color: aContinue reading “Saying Thank You and Goodbye”