Serve them with joy

About this time last year, I started a little project to write a blog in French. I didn’t know where that was going to lead (still don’t, to be honest!) but it did give me a few pivotal moments. The blog was a written history of how my husband and I ended up back inContinue reading “Serve them with joy”

Love Languages: Easier Said Than Done

“Love is a many splendored thing. Love, lift us up where be long…All you need is love.” Thus begins the Elephant Love Medley from the Baz Luhrmann film Moulin Rouge. It sounds best if you imagine it in Ewan MacGregor’s pretty brogue. Theoretically, I love love. I enjoy the feelings of love, at least, asContinue reading “Love Languages: Easier Said Than Done”

Mid-Life Crisis and the Love Languages

Have you ever been listening to someone complain about another person and suddenly started feeling sweaty? Nervous? It can be about something stupid, like a husband who forgot to put the cap back on the toothpaste. And suddenly you want to find an exit as soon as possible. Something this small shouldn’t effect you thisContinue reading “Mid-Life Crisis and the Love Languages”

Decluttering and Mental Health

I wish I had a magic potion that would put me in the mood to be brutally objective about all the stuff I have managed to accumulate over the years. If I could market that magic potion just right….oh the possibilities. There is a complex web of reasons why I hang on to items thatContinue reading “Decluttering and Mental Health”

Are you happy?

“Est-ce que vous êtes heureux?” (Are you happy?). This is what the founding pastor of our church used to say every time he would greet us on a Sunday morning. “No. I’m not happy.” I would grumble under my breath. “And, FYI, God isn’t mad at me because I’m not happy.” Yeah, I’m a charmerContinue reading “Are you happy?”

A Clean House

To come round out my unfitness as a wife and mother is another wholly socially unacceptable gem of a character trait: I am a terrible terrible terrible terrible housekeeper. Don’t get me wrong. I love a clean house. I love a sparkly floor or a clean shower-thing-you-put-the-soap-on. I don’t just passively dislike housekeeping. I activelyContinue reading “A Clean House”

The Divine Spark

I spend my five minutes of Ideal Life Exercise-ing on Sundays thinking about my Spiritual Life. Not to do my Bible reading, or to pray, but to sit back and think about how things are going in this one relationship that is my most critically important one. Very often, this leads to a much longerContinue reading “The Divine Spark”