Sustainable Motivation

As each year draws to a close, my indulgent husband and I do a little activity we like to call, “Where are you going, where have you been.” We’ve been doing this since we married in 1999. It’s probably the longest-running tradition I have ever held onto. The name of it comes directly from theContinue reading “Sustainable Motivation”

Furoshiki and me

In my attempts to do something a little bit differently and a little bit more sustainably this year, I have decided to try my hand at furoshiki, that is, the Japanese art of wrapping gifts in reusable or recycled textile wrappings. My interest in the subject was sparked by Marie Kondo, who last year hadContinue reading “Furoshiki and me”

It’s not yours to keep

Throughout this year of buying no clothes, I experienced a palette of emotions concerning what I own. There was the initial freak out and covetousness, the painstaking early period during which I tried to figure out ironing (short-lived, I promise), the time of careful, attentive alterations, followed by the wild and carefree era of refashioning.Continue reading “It’s not yours to keep”

Craft and Creativity

When I said that there is overlap in my Ideal Life Themes, I was not kidding. I have found that, for example, as way to channel my hormonal rage, the sound of the sewing machine and the act of tearing something apart and sewing it back together again are therapeutic. At the same time, inContinue reading “Craft and Creativity”

Environment and Ecology

Thank goodness I don’t have only themes that force me to come face-to-face with myself and my shortcomings! Being a good steward of the space and resources that has been accorded to me is one of the areas I like to consider every few weeks in my Ideal Life Exercise. This has a broad meaningContinue reading “Environment and Ecology”