Serve them with joy

About this time last year, I started a little project to write a blog in French. I didn’t know where that was going to lead (still don’t, to be honest!) but it did give me a few pivotal moments. The blog was a written history of how my husband and I ended up back inContinue reading “Serve them with joy”


There is a building on the road to the scalawag’s school that has been being demolished for the last six months. This has provided endless fascination to us. It’s not a ka-boom type demolition. This is a–maybe 15 story–building, made of concrete with all its rebar and glorious asbestos, being torn down bit by bit.Continue reading “Demolition”

Joy is, in part, an act of the will

As if the Philosopher Princess didn’t have anything else to be thinking about right now, she has decided to start ruminating about JOY. I need to process these thoughts right now, because there is nothing like being told that you need to “serve your family with joy” to get the overthinker in me worrying thatContinue reading “Joy is, in part, an act of the will”

You can’t fake joy

So…day 2 of trying to serve my family with joy was not so great. Firstly, my youngest is in a phase where he is waking up again at 5:00AM. Now that the two boys are sharing a room, this means my eldest is also waking up at 5:00AM. Only yesterday morning, my eldest was theContinue reading “You can’t fake joy”

What is “serving”, anyway?

Hah! Yesterday, I wrote about how I was told, in that quiet little secret place in my heart reserved for the words that definitely are not my idea, that if I wanted to start living miracles and amazing situations again, that I needed to start serving my family with joy. Already, my first afternoon, Sunday,Continue reading “What is “serving”, anyway?”

Coveting and the Toy Catalog Debacle

Do you remember last week, when I told you about a situation that went down with my youngest scalawag involving a stolen toy catalog and a kind of spiritual dressing down I got from the situation? Yes well, I would love to say that it ended there. But it didn’t. I am still parsing outContinue reading “Coveting and the Toy Catalog Debacle”

The Toy Catalog

I mentioned yesterday that I have been having deep thoughts lately about coveting. Notably, I have been second-guessing the premise of my entire year-long challenge. Have I, for perhaps my entire life, been confusing the idea of appreciating something I don’t have for coveting something I don’t have? The definition of “covet” is yearning toContinue reading “The Toy Catalog”

New Every Morning

On Friday morning, my eldest scalawag pushed his little brother for absolutely no reason. I had been convinced that everything was going well: everybody had been in a good mood, their Advent Calendars had contained cute little figurines which they were happy about. We had enjoyed fresh baguette for breakfast. Everyone had done their miseContinue reading “New Every Morning”

Have you not seen?

I totally get why people would reject the idea of an omniscient, benevolent God. It’s true that it is something that simply doesn’t make sense. How could an all-powerful God see what is happening in our world and not intervene? How could a good God have known what evil was going to happen from beforeContinue reading “Have you not seen?”