Dress for the Life you Want

Those words, “Dress for the life you want”, were (approximately) the tag line for a coaching service that was supposed to help a woman find her own personal style. The woman who ran the coaching service provided a few free videos to help helpless, hapless, styleless women motivated to define her personal style, learn whatContinue reading “Dress for the Life you Want”

Contentment: The Basement Edition

I have just spent the last 48 hours locked in my basement. Okay, maybe not the last 48 hours straight, and maybe I wasn’t technically locked in the basement, but boy oh boy, it felt like it. First, let me tell you about the building where I live, for a bit of context. Do youContinue reading “Contentment: The Basement Edition”

Let’s start singing with our feet

The podcast I plan to launch in January is called “Sing with Your Feet.” You who have been here for a long time know about my shoe problems. You also may remember that the fact that I like to stamp my feet when I sing is a running joke–to the point that I lost theContinue reading “Let’s start singing with our feet”

I do believe we were sparkling…

I took a little birthday detour there for a few days, you’ll have to excuse me. But when we were last being practical rather than poetic, we were talking about how we wanted the people in our lives to remember us when we were gone, and we were going to start figuring out how toContinue reading “I do believe we were sparkling…”

The Appleseed Conundrum

Something crazy happened on Saturday, September 25. I forgot to cry. I forgot to look at that date on the calendar and mope around for a few hours, remembering in detail a small, painful moment of tragedy. I forgot all day. It wasn’t until late in the day when I said to my husband, “ForContinue reading “The Appleseed Conundrum”

It’s my birthday and I’ll write what I want to…

Today I am 44 years old. Today, I want to wane practical and wax poetic if that’s all right with you. When I was about 10 years old, I had a very odd, very distinct thought that I wouldn’t live to be 23 years old. As a matter of fact, I was absolutely convinced thatContinue reading “It’s my birthday and I’ll write what I want to…”

Peace: Part Three

The Flipside of Peace The Flipside of a virtue is what that virtue would like if arch-virtue Wisdom was removed. For the virtue of courtesy, we said that the Flipside would be reckless obsequiousness. We said that the Flipside of acceptance was apathy or fatalism. Wisdom–which we defined as the presence of all virtues, likeContinue reading “Peace: Part Three”

Another Kind of Inheritance

About four years ago, a former colleague contacted me. He has four children. He asked if I would be interested in a carload full of little boy clothes that his kids had outgrown, most of them in perfect condition. I remember, even at the time, thinking that this was an amazing bounty. Little kid clothes,Continue reading “Another Kind of Inheritance”

When the abuser is you

As I hinted at yesterday, this week has been filled with all kinds of philosophical musings about what exactly I thought I was hoping for in my Buy No Clothes in 2021 Challenge. What exactly was my goal? Obviously, the first goal was to buy no clothes in 2021. But why? This was the littleContinue reading “When the abuser is you”