Good Posture Starts in the Mind

The Philosopher Princess is on the warpath this morning, friends, so take your precautions, please. There may or may not be some bad words and strange ideas to follow. Gird your loins. One of my 22 in 22, that is, my New Years Resolutions, is that I want to improve my posture. I told theContinue reading “Good Posture Starts in the Mind”

22 in 22: Slouchery, Tracking and Mindfulness

The next three goals on my list of 22 in 22 are: #16 Improve my posture More than twenty years ago, I took an adult ballet class. I remember very very clearly thinking, about our instructor, “That woman is so beautiful.” There is nothing that makes a girl feel more like a clod than aContinue reading “22 in 22: Slouchery, Tracking and Mindfulness”

An unexpected twist in the fairytale

All this last week as I drove the scalawags to school we have been listening to circus music. I think it started because my eldest yanked out the USB drive we had been listening to, and the youngest jostled him and the USB drive fell between the seats, unrecoverable. I do believe that there wereContinue reading “An unexpected twist in the fairytale”

A Zebra For All Seasons

At the risk of imagining myself one of those people who unboxes new toys for their millions of YouTube fans (about which I have zero delusions), or TikToks themselves showing off their latest thrift store haul, I do still want to tell you about how I came to possess not one but two zebra dresses.Continue reading “A Zebra For All Seasons”

The Ideal Life Round-Up: Gravitas

Gravitas, you silly creature. Gravitas, as I went into detail about in an article earlier this year, is a word to describe what I imagine growing up might look like. This desire to grow-up is something that has been part of me for as long as I can remember. I have yet to grow up.Continue reading “The Ideal Life Round-Up: Gravitas”

Ode to Mise en Place: Office Party Edition

It’s the long anticipated return of Poppy Fields! Poppy is here to tell us how a little Mise en Place can significantly simplify your end-of-year office office obligations, and how being on our best behavior at an office party can save us a bunch of heartache. Welcome back, Poppy! What better way to celebrate theContinue reading “Ode to Mise en Place: Office Party Edition”

Overwhelm is my kryptonite

As I began to think of ways that I could make progress on my goal of learning to set limits and boundaries, one very specific thought came to mind: For all my whining and moaning about other people putting things on my calendar, what I never do is ask other people to do things. WhatContinue reading “Overwhelm is my kryptonite”

Plan What You Can, Roll with the Rest

A note from Lily: I am thrilled to introduce you to another member of my family! Meet Daisy! Daisy joined our family in 1993 when she married my dad. Daisy had two boys from her first marriage and ran her own graphic design firm. When she was getting started in her career, she probably neverContinue reading “Plan What You Can, Roll with the Rest”

Ideal Life Week Two

Let’s recap yesterday’s episode: For each day of the Ideal Life Exercise there is a theme, one broad category of life in which I believe that if I made progress, I would be closer to my Ideal Life, as defined by a long series of In my Ideal Life I am a person who… statements.Continue reading “Ideal Life Week Two”