My Own Little Tempest in a Teapot

It’s happening again. That dreadful, awful thought happened last week for the first time in months and I feel like I’m back to square one. What thought? you may ask, because you are a thoughtful reader who cares that I sound like I am freaking out and because I am freaking out. ”I’m losing myContinue reading “My Own Little Tempest in a Teapot”

22 in 22: Slouchery, Tracking and Mindfulness

The next three goals on my list of 22 in 22 are: #16 Improve my posture More than twenty years ago, I took an adult ballet class. I remember very very clearly thinking, about our instructor, “That woman is so beautiful.” There is nothing that makes a girl feel more like a clod than aContinue reading “22 in 22: Slouchery, Tracking and Mindfulness”

Body Positivity and Health

As you know, I am slightly obsessed with all things circus. Not the elephants and tigers kind of circus. I am talking about the physical artistry of the acrobats, strongmen and daredevils. I myself am neither. But I am parent to two little boys who are everything I am not: one who is both aContinue reading “Body Positivity and Health”

Ideal Life Hack: Good Habits and Routines

In my Ideal Life Reel (here, here and here) today on the theme of Good Habits and Routines, I mentioned a productivity hack that I gleaned from the brilliant James Clear called the Paperclip Method. (That link will take you to his article about the method.) I also mentioned my impending sense of doom aboutContinue reading “Ideal Life Hack: Good Habits and Routines”