The Fog

The city we live in gets notoriously heavy early morning fog. This is always true in the Spring and the Fall. I don’t know if it is the presence of the Rhine/Rhone Canal that is just a hop skip and a jump from our front door, or if it is our proximity to the RhineContinue reading “The Fog”

Synesthesia, or when you eat with your eyes

One of my goals this summer was to make headway on my dislike of cooking by going about the whole process a different way: instead of worrying about how it tastes, which is an area of complete ambivalence for me, I was going to occupy myself with how it looks. For whatever reason, I don’tContinue reading “Synesthesia, or when you eat with your eyes”

Body Positivity and Health

This article feels urgent to me, not because of where I am in my journey, but because of where you, that one reader who needs to reads this, are in your life. You know I don’t like to give advice. I really try not to get preachy. I only have my experience to speak from.Continue reading “Body Positivity and Health”

A Clean House

To come round out my unfitness as a wife and mother is another wholly socially unacceptable gem of a character trait: I am a terrible terrible terrible terrible housekeeper. Don’t get me wrong. I love a clean house. I love a sparkly floor or a clean shower-thing-you-put-the-soap-on. I don’t just passively dislike housekeeping. I activelyContinue reading “A Clean House”

Mise en Place Cliff’s Notes

Before we continue our ode to Mise en Place this week, which we will be doing with intervention from my sister again on one of her favorite topics, that of pretty undergarments, and one of my favorite topics, wardrobe theory, I want to take a moment to give a quick overview of what we haveContinue reading “Mise en Place Cliff’s Notes”

A Good Decluttering

When I discovered Marie Kondo and her delightful book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, I had just had my second baby in seventeen months. We lived (and still do!) in an 75 m² (800 ft²) apartment which had been absolutely perfect for two people and all ofContinue reading “A Good Decluttering”

The Ideal Life Exercise

In my never-ending effort to find contentment, I discovered Marie Kondo. When I read her book, I felt like I knew her: we shared a strange passion for tidiness and discarding things. I have always loved a good decluttering. I love helping people pack for trips. I get super excited about helping people get packedContinue reading “The Ideal Life Exercise”

Challenge Rule 5: Repair and Mend, Alter as Necessary

I come from a crafty family. When we were little, our mother used to make our clothes. I thought this was completely normal. I mean, Ramona Quimby’s mother made her clothes. (I was reminded of this recently because I’ve been reading the Ramona series by Beverly Cleary to my boys.) For this reason, I amContinue reading “Challenge Rule 5: Repair and Mend, Alter as Necessary”

Challenge Rule 4: Mise en Place

A little bit of mise en place, anyone? Hidden Brain radio show recently had an episode entitled Creatures of Habit, which tackled a subject about which I am passionate: making habits, breaking habits and the importance of routines and rituals. They took on topics of both how to build a good habit and how toContinue reading “Challenge Rule 4: Mise en Place”