The Gift-Receiver Templates Part Three: Sentimental and Practical

While these may seem like obvious distinctions, I still want us to do the exercise of thinking about the experience the sentimental and practical people on our lists most enjoy. Remember, we are wanting to become students of the people we love, so we can better speak their love languages. By identifying their specific way–orContinue reading “The Gift-Receiver Templates Part Three: Sentimental and Practical”

The Gift-Receiver Templates Part One: The Troublemakers

Part one: The Troublemakers Your homework over the last few days has been to make a list of the special people in your life to whom you give gifts during the holiday season. I also asked you add the people you sometimes forget about. (“How do I remember something I usually forget,” you may ask?Continue reading “The Gift-Receiver Templates Part One: The Troublemakers”

Challenge Update: Week 41

Back to regularly scheduled programming This week had moments of normalcy, moments of inspiration, moments of flow and the longest 24-hours of low-tide I have ever experienced. Challenge Rule 1: Buy No Clothes/Don’t Covet I bought no clothes this week. Not for me, at least. One day this week, my littlest scalawag’s teacher was absentContinue reading “Challenge Update: Week 41”

Enjoying Flow and Preparing for Ebb

When I was on my decluttering bender last week, I mentioned that my mother had once said that when we have the energy and the desire to pursue something creatively, that we should consider it a gift, because it probably won’t last. I fully recognize that decluttering isn’t, in and of itself, a creative activity,Continue reading “Enjoying Flow and Preparing for Ebb”

Challenge Update: Week 40

Celebrating 300 articles! If 40 weeks doesn’t sound like a lot, then maybe 300 articles does? Or, I don’t know, 289,000 words? I’ll be the first to admit that all 289,000 aren’t great. I never set out to write a certain number, neither of words nor articles. I wanted to write about the journey, andContinue reading “Challenge Update: Week 40”

Challenge Update: Week 38

The week before the most important day of the year Challenge Rule 1: Buy No Clothes/Don’t Covet One can never have too many zebra dresses. Lily Fields, modern-day Cruella DeVil Let me remind you that last week, I was saying, “One can never have too many green dresses.” So…let’s just all get over my flightinessContinue reading “Challenge Update: Week 38”

That thing you used to do…

When I first met my indulgent husband, nearly twenty-five years ago, I learned that we, in spite of growing up on different continents, in spite of having a six year age-gap, in spite of having very different upbringings, we had one sparkly thing in common: We both spent our childhoods plunged deeply into imaginary worlds,Continue reading “That thing you used to do…”

The Philosopher Princess Presents:

The news that nobody wants to hear I was typing out an (entirely too long) Instagram caption last night to accompany a post about the Ideal Life theme of contentment, when I caught myself repeating the same thing I’ve been saying here about virtue, both about the virtues of courtesy and of peace: Contentment isContinue reading “The Philosopher Princess Presents:”

Peacock Bliss

I was given a very thoughtful gift a few weeks ago from a very dear friend who caught wind of my Buy-No-Clothes-in-2021 challenge. My friend, who I don’t get to see very often, knows how much I love clothes (one of my very first refashioning projects ever was with some of her daughter’s discarded blouses!)Continue reading “Peacock Bliss”

Courtesy: are you a supervillain?

The Flipside The Flipside of a virtue is what a virtue would look like if wisdom were removed from it. For example, we said that for the virtue of Acceptance, the Flipside was apathy. The virtue of Courtesy, without wisdom, would be reckless obsequiousness. Too servile. Too self-effacing. You may or may not have runContinue reading “Courtesy: are you a supervillain?”