Always something new

Of my two scalawags, the youngest one is the one who looks and thinks and acts most like me. He’s overdramatic, but in a funny way. He has a flair of holding onto just the right expression and pulling it out at the most exasperating times (I am thus reminded of ever single time IContinue reading “Always something new”

The Ideal Life Exercise

In my never-ending effort to find contentment, I discovered Marie Kondo. When I read her book, I felt like I knew her: we shared a strange passion for tidiness and discarding things. I have always loved a good decluttering. I love helping people pack for trips. I get super excited about helping people get packedContinue reading “The Ideal Life Exercise”

The Bunny of Wishful Thinking

There was a fantastic little song about a million years ago (a quick Google search revealed that I am off by only a few months in my estimation), by a group called Go West. If already you aren’t doing the Carlton and snapping your fingers, please google “King of Wishful Thinking” . Take a quickContinue reading “The Bunny of Wishful Thinking”

The Continuing Saga of the Elf Boots

In this photo, I was eight and a half months pregnant and could no longer tie my own shoes. I could, however, slip my feet into my Elf Boots. Man. I love those boots. The story of Rumpelstiltskin originated in the region of France where I currently live. I mention this because the shoe repairContinue reading “The Continuing Saga of the Elf Boots”

The Saga of the Elf Boots

In 2020, I would never have even given this situation a passing thought. OK, maybe I would have, but only because the object of the decision is something to which I have a little bit of an emotional attachment. It might be helpful for me to explain what is going on, huh? As you know,Continue reading “The Saga of the Elf Boots”

Rescue me from my happiness

In 2016, the year after my eldest was born, I became quite interested in the topic of happiness. I suppose part of it stemmed from the letdown of discovering that being a parent didn’t complete me the way I had brainwashed myself to believe it would when I was pregnant. I don’t know where IContinue reading “Rescue me from my happiness”

Anticipation is Everything

My boys are currently five and almost four years old. This puts them at the very heart of an extremely selfish phase in which neither parental unit can even take out the trash without being asked “what did you buy me?” upon their return. In an effort to keep our apartment relatively uncluttered, we areContinue reading “Anticipation is Everything”