There is a building on the road to the scalawag’s school that has been being demolished for the last six months. This has provided endless fascination to us. It’s not a ka-boom type demolition. This is a–maybe 15 story–building, made of concrete with all its rebar and glorious asbestos, being torn down bit by bit.Continue reading “Demolition”

You can’t fake joy

So…day 2 of trying to serve my family with joy was not so great. Firstly, my youngest is in a phase where he is waking up again at 5:00AM. Now that the two boys are sharing a room, this means my eldest is also waking up at 5:00AM. Only yesterday morning, my eldest was theContinue reading “You can’t fake joy”

What is “serving”, anyway?

Hah! Yesterday, I wrote about how I was told, in that quiet little secret place in my heart reserved for the words that definitely are not my idea, that if I wanted to start living miracles and amazing situations again, that I needed to start serving my family with joy. Already, my first afternoon, Sunday,Continue reading “What is “serving”, anyway?”

I want more of that.

If you thought that with a title like that this article would be about getting off the Hedonic Treadmill…well, it means that you know me very very well. However, that is not what we are talking about today. Since January 1, I have been writing a blog in French. It was very much out ofContinue reading “I want more of that.”

Ideal Life Exercise!

In our private Facebook Group, we are going to be doing the Ideal Life Exercise together in a (hopefully) somewhat methodical way. My sister Poppy is out there slaving away on an amazing planner that would make this super-duper (or as my youngest scalawag says, “üper üper”) fun and inspiring. And me, I’m fantasizing aboutContinue reading “Ideal Life Exercise!”

Saying it out loud

As someone who lives, conservatively, more than 95% of my life in the space between my ears, getting out of my head can be an enormous, gigantic, ferocious challenge. I’m not bad with words. I mean, I overheard myself talking to my eldest about a school friend situation (oh! how cruel school friends can beContinue reading “Saying it out loud”

Love Languages: A Superpower

I mentioned something in this week’s podcast in a rather off-handed way that I want to take a little deeper. Respect for oneself is the ultimate form of self-love. Once we respect ourselves, we will start making decisions that are good for us.“ Lily Fields, Philosopher Princess Remember what we have been saying since-well–forever? SinceContinue reading “Love Languages: A Superpower”

A Mini-Success

After a pretty terrible week, after having slept for nearly 36 hours from Friday afternoon to Sunday morning–either because I was fending off the same flu that kept my eldest home all week, or because the stress and emotions and too-much-togetherness and noise of the week finally caught up to me–I woke up on SundayContinue reading “A Mini-Success”

Virtual Flow

It happens so rarely, doesn’t it? Flow, that is. That mystical, mythical, mysterious state of mind, state of the heart, state of the universe when everything just works. The concept of Flow was elaborated by the psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. (All the fairy dust in the world wouldn’t have helped me spell that correctly. Thank youContinue reading “Virtual Flow”

On a Date with My Baby

As I gushed over the weekend, my littlest guy turned five on Saturday. Five is a big deal. Five is decidedly no-longer-baby-boy territory. In the week prior to the big day, I was having all kinds of thoughts, but what caused me to ruminate the most was this: I was five years old when weContinue reading “On a Date with My Baby”