The Ideal Life Round-Up: Schedule and Family Life

Oyé. Here we ago. Here is yet another one of those topics that makes me want to pull my hair out by the handful. This ought to be interesting. In my Ideal Life I am a person who: goes with the flow manages what she can and trusts others to do their part doesn’t arriveContinue reading “The Ideal Life Round-Up: Schedule and Family Life”

The Ideal Life Round-Up: Work

“Angelica…Eliza! (And Peggy.)” So, so, so, so sorry that I got that in your head. Maybe it will stop cycling through mine now, though. No endless diatribe on this theme. It is what it is: the Ideal Life theme of Work is what it takes to make ends meet. In my Ideal Life, I amContinue reading “The Ideal Life Round-Up: Work”

The Ideal Life Round-Up Contentment

Similar to the Ideal Life Theme of “Gravitas”, “Contentment” is quite idiosyncratic. If “Gravitas” is part of my Ideal Life, it is because I have always felt as though, for some reason, I never properly grew up into an adult. If “Contentment” is part of my Ideal Life, it is because I have never beenContinue reading “The Ideal Life Round-Up Contentment”

The Ideal Life Round-Up: Commitments

“Stay close to what makes you feel alive.“ To many of my Ideal Life themes this year, I gave a little tagline–one little sentence to guide my thinking. For example, the theme of Marriage was, “Half the magic is me.” Or for Parenting, a quote lifted from Hamilton: “Talk less. Smile more.” Or for Relationships,Continue reading “The Ideal Life Round-Up: Commitments”

The Ideal Life Round-Up: Music (The Wildcard)

The Wildcard Category is the one that makes us tick. It is our lifeblood, our passion, the thing that we simply couldn’t live without. For you, this category might be hiking, or travelling or beekeeping. It’s the thing you do to keep your sanity and because you feel compelled to do it. It’s the failsafeContinue reading “The Ideal Life Round-Up: Music (The Wildcard)”

Celebrating Everything: A Christmas Concert

TL;DR–To celebrate the end of my year-long challenge, I roped some friends into performing with me, and it was amazing. A little video surprise at the end of this very long article. The Why I am addicted to progress. It’s something I wish I had understood about myself 25 years ago, because I am certainContinue reading “Celebrating Everything: A Christmas Concert”

The Ideal Life Round-Up: Wise Decisions

I am over here rolling my eyes because, when I first started my detailed explanation of the Ideal Life Exercise, it so happened that this theme was the first one I ended up writing about, in an article entitled, “Getting Bossy with Myself.“ I hated this theme then, and I still hate it now. SoContinue reading “The Ideal Life Round-Up: Wise Decisions”

The Ideal Life Round-Up: Gravitas

Gravitas, you silly creature. Gravitas, as I went into detail about in an article earlier this year, is a word to describe what I imagine growing up might look like. This desire to grow-up is something that has been part of me for as long as I can remember. I have yet to grow up.Continue reading “The Ideal Life Round-Up: Gravitas”

Challenge Update: Week 49

Three more weeks to go! Challenge Rule 1: Buy No Clothes/Don’t Covet I bought nothing. Yay me. On the other hand, I have been having deep, deep, deep thoughts about the idea of coveting: what is the line between appreciating and coveting? Is wanting what we don’t have inherently wrong? Under what circumstances does aspirationalContinue reading “Challenge Update: Week 49”

The Ideal Life Round-Up: Body Positivity and Health

The Ideal Life Theme of Body Positivity and Health is one I previously discussed in an article back in June, but to recap, here are some of the statements that define how I imagine my Ideal Life. In my Ideal Life, I am a person who: trusts my body loves my body, no matter whatContinue reading “The Ideal Life Round-Up: Body Positivity and Health”