I do believe we were sparkling…

I took a little birthday detour there for a few days, you’ll have to excuse me. But when we were last being practical rather than poetic, we were talking about how we wanted the people in our lives to remember us when we were gone, and we were going to start figuring out how toContinue reading “I do believe we were sparkling…”

The Appleseed Conundrum

Something crazy happened on Saturday, September 25. I forgot to cry. I forgot to look at that date on the calendar and mope around for a few hours, remembering in detail a small, painful moment of tragedy. I forgot all day. It wasn’t until late in the day when I said to my husband, “ForContinue reading “The Appleseed Conundrum”

The Zen of Heartburn

What if, when you bought something that you didn’t need, you got heartburn? Like, that awful feeling of having a pill stuck in your throat that happens after you eat that thing that you shouldn’t have eaten. Or too many of those cookies. Or too much of anything. The joys of indigestion I have madeContinue reading “The Zen of Heartburn”

Planning and Flying

Have you ever watched a child craft? I’m not talking about a guided, grown-up assisted crafting session. I’m talking about a get-out-all-the-glue-sticks, spare-no-feathers, bring-on-the-googly-eyes affair. Let them sit down at a table with dozens of options and watched the sparks fly (figuratively, please!) while they decide exactly what they can do with all this stuff?Continue reading “Planning and Flying”

That thing you used to do…

When I first met my indulgent husband, nearly twenty-five years ago, I learned that we, in spite of growing up on different continents, in spite of having a six year age-gap, in spite of having very different upbringings, we had one sparkly thing in common: We both spent our childhoods plunged deeply into imaginary worlds,Continue reading “That thing you used to do…”

Sparkle is in the eye of the beholder

All last week, we talked about how we want to be remembered by the people we love. If we want to be remembered in a certain way, wouldn’t it stand to reason that we try to live our lives in such a way as to be remembered that way? It would, of course, stand toContinue reading “Sparkle is in the eye of the beholder”

The Edge Pieces: Part Two

Yesterday, we took a look at the first part of the (non-exhaustive) list of virtues my indulgent philosopher husband and I propose as some edge pieces for the puzzle of your Ideal Life. Today and tomorrow, we are going to continue this overview. Get out your notebook: some of these you might want not agreeContinue reading “The Edge Pieces: Part Two”

The Edge Pieces: Part One

As you know, there is no quick, easy way to get a new puzzle started. We’ve got to simply wade into the mess: flip the pieces to the picture side, separate out the edge pieces, maybe consolidate a few obviously related pieces. It’s a process that takes time, but can be, if we are inContinue reading “The Edge Pieces: Part One”

What will they say about me…

In yesterday’s article, we established that in order to pursue for ourselves a life that holds personal, satisfying meaning, we need to take a few steps back and start intentionally defining what we want that life to look like. We said that our Ideal Life was like a puzzle, maybe even multiple puzzles, the piecesContinue reading “What will they say about me…”

Numbering our days

As a child, I had a recurring dream about a house in our neighborhood. The house itself wasn’t all that interesting from the outside, but I would dream about it once a week or so. In the dream, I would be in the house and find secret rooms and hidden passageways and I specifically rememberContinue reading “Numbering our days”