Vacations are never an easy time at Casa Fields. The two week winter break back in February, although punctuated by a brief period of respite for me personally, was overshadowed by an uncomfortable, nagging unpleasant attitude of negotiation. I’m not a haggler. I don’t care about making a deal. The sooner a transaction is overContinue reading “Negotiation”

Battlefields and little boys

Here on the blog, I try to stay away from politics. Politics and fashion, while they may crossover in real life for important people at times, don’t really cross paths in my life. However, from time to time, I do get to writing about my miserable parenting skills and being a mom to boys. These,Continue reading “Battlefields and little boys”

The River Justice

On Sundays in my Ideal Life Exercise, I ask myself how things are going in my Spiritual Life. On this particular Sunday, there is one thing that is going really, really well. Somewhere buried in my original pages and pages and pages of Ideal Life Exercises, this sentence is written: In my Ideal Life, IContinue reading “The River Justice”