Thankfulness Week, Day 4: The L Word

In one of the myriad audiobooks my boys have been ingesting over the last months, there is a recurring joke about the “L word.” As in, a kid who refuses to say he “loves” something, because, apparently, “love is for girls.” (This enraged me the first time I heard it, too. But the stories neverContinue reading “Thankfulness Week, Day 4: The L Word”

The Gift-Receiver Templates Part One: The Troublemakers

Part one: The Troublemakers Your homework over the last few days has been to make a list of the special people in your life to whom you give gifts during the holiday season. I also asked you add the people you sometimes forget about. (“How do I remember something I usually forget,” you may ask?Continue reading “The Gift-Receiver Templates Part One: The Troublemakers”

Reach for the stars

Last week, my family went to a little theme park here in our region. If you have trouble imagining a theme park in France, don’t worry, you aren’t alone. I live here and I still have trouble imagining it. However, it should come as some small consolation that the theme of this theme park isContinue reading “Reach for the stars”

Parenting according to Evil Knievel’s mother

“How can you be so calm?” is something I have heard from other parents since my eldest started walking, which happened to be on the same day we brought his baby brother home from hospital I am not a model parent, as evidenced from my “Shut up and dance” method to stop children from sayingContinue reading “Parenting according to Evil Knievel’s mother”

The Boy Moms of the #MeToo Generation

You are joking. We had been married sixteen years when we had our first baby. I was almost thirty-eight years old. By then, I had quite a lot of practice at being a girly girl. I have one sister. On my Dad’s side, that is, on Gigi’s side, we are all girls. That is sevenContinue reading “The Boy Moms of the #MeToo Generation”