An Honored Guest

I got some pushback from a listener about something I’ve been saying in the podcast. It wasn’t a criticism, per se, but you know me. Once I start overthinking something, I can’t let it go. The listener’s sticking point was that she doesn’t like it when I say we should “treat ourselves like an honoredContinue reading “An Honored Guest”

The Fog

The city we live in gets notoriously heavy early morning fog. This is always true in the Spring and the Fall. I don’t know if it is the presence of the Rhine/Rhone Canal that is just a hop skip and a jump from our front door, or if it is our proximity to the RhineContinue reading “The Fog”

22 in 22: The Abyss, Unplug and Nonsense.

Wow. Twenty-two goals is a lot of goals. Who knew it would take me the better part of the week to think through…well…not yet even all of them! Today should go pretty quickly: there is nothing terribly earth-shattering here! #11 Protect Logins & Passwords from The Abyss Ah yes, The Abyss. The Abyss that isContinue reading “22 in 22: The Abyss, Unplug and Nonsense.”

The Ideal Life Round-Up: Schedule and Family Life

Oyé. Here we ago. Here is yet another one of those topics that makes me want to pull my hair out by the handful. This ought to be interesting. In my Ideal Life I am a person who: goes with the flow manages what she can and trusts others to do their part doesn’t arriveContinue reading “The Ideal Life Round-Up: Schedule and Family Life”

The Ideal Life Round-Up: Personal Style

I am thankful that you, my reader, knows me well enough to not judge my flightiness of character. That there would be a theme in my Ideal Life called “personal style” seems so insignificant amid all the other things to be worrying about these days. And yet…and yet. This is why I got started inContinue reading “The Ideal Life Round-Up: Personal Style”

Challenge Update: Week 49

Three more weeks to go! Challenge Rule 1: Buy No Clothes/Don’t Covet I bought nothing. Yay me. On the other hand, I have been having deep, deep, deep thoughts about the idea of coveting: what is the line between appreciating and coveting? Is wanting what we don’t have inherently wrong? Under what circumstances does aspirationalContinue reading “Challenge Update: Week 49”

Ode to Mise en Place: Office Party Edition

It’s the long anticipated return of Poppy Fields! Poppy is here to tell us how a little Mise en Place can significantly simplify your end-of-year office office obligations, and how being on our best behavior at an office party can save us a bunch of heartache. Welcome back, Poppy! What better way to celebrate theContinue reading “Ode to Mise en Place: Office Party Edition”

Challenge Update: Week 44

Eight weeks to go! Challenge Rule 1: Buy No Clothes/Don’t Covet I bought nothing, but boy oh boy did I inherit some pretty amazing things. What is really quite funny about the things that I inherited is that there are a few of them that I used to covet. Let me explain: I have aContinue reading “Challenge Update: Week 44”

Challenge Update: Week 43

Nine weeks to go! Challenge Rule 1: Buy No Clothes/Don’t Covet We spent this week “vacationing” in the “South of France”. Why the quotation marks, you ask? Because is it still a “vacation” if it is at one’s in-laws house? And although it is south of where we live, in the cusp of Provence, itContinue reading “Challenge Update: Week 43”

Even more benefits to decluttering

Last week I wrote about the many, many benefits of decluttering. Well, those benefits continue to wash ashore, and I just can’t help but share them. A special thanks to my amazing, fabulous sister for reminding me that I wanted to write about this. (Seriously, having a Life Coach for a sister is probably theContinue reading “Even more benefits to decluttering”