Hysteria, the Wandering Womb and Me

One of my favorite podcasts, Sawbones, hosted by Sydnee and Justin McElroy, is a “marital tour of misguided medicine.” On Sawbones, Sydnee, a medical doctor, discusses the history of certain ailments–or at least, what were historically considered ailments–and medical cures for these ailments. Justin, for his part, makes topics like hemorrhoids, birth control and leprosyContinue reading “Hysteria, the Wandering Womb and Me”

The Divine Spark

I spend my five minutes of Ideal Life Exercise-ing on Sundays thinking about my Spiritual Life. Not to do my Bible reading, or to pray, but to sit back and think about how things are going in this one relationship that is my most critically important one. Very often, this leads to a much longerContinue reading “The Divine Spark”

Mental Health

Monday, May 24, 2021. 4:30AM I was happily typing away in my makeshift office (couch, laptop, cat, blanket.) I was thinking about the work I wanted to get done for the week. My thoughts drifted to the question, “Will my youngest scalawag’s teacher be back today after her bout with COVID?” She hadn’t sent anContinue reading “Mental Health”