The Instrument Carousel

Where I grew up, we had the opportunity to start playing a stringed instrument in fourth grade. Anyone who wanted to play a band instrument had to wait until fifth grade. When I think about it, the fact that in fourth grade, in a public school, we had the opportunity to learn an instrument…it bogglesContinue reading “The Instrument Carousel”


Chalk it up to taking a dose of my own medicine, but I haven’t lost my cool in about three days. Okay, I just freaked myself out by writing that. We have a rather reliable case of Famous Last Words Syndrome in my house, which means that by any account, I am about due. IContinue reading “Relativize”

The Ideal Life Round-Up: Music (The Wildcard)

The Wildcard Category is the one that makes us tick. It is our lifeblood, our passion, the thing that we simply couldn’t live without. For you, this category might be hiking, or travelling or beekeeping. It’s the thing you do to keep your sanity and because you feel compelled to do it. It’s the failsafeContinue reading “The Ideal Life Round-Up: Music (The Wildcard)”

Celebrating Everything: A Christmas Concert

TL;DR–To celebrate the end of my year-long challenge, I roped some friends into performing with me, and it was amazing. A little video surprise at the end of this very long article. The Why I am addicted to progress. It’s something I wish I had understood about myself 25 years ago, because I am certainContinue reading “Celebrating Everything: A Christmas Concert”