Coming back to the surface

Once of the wonderful things about Mise en Place is that whether it is a habit that you do every single day for the rest of your life, or something you do on one-off occasions, there is always a benefit to doing it. It’s not like deciding to, oh, I don’t know, stop snacking betweenContinue reading “Coming back to the surface”

Mental Health and Mise en Place

I am going to take a parenthetic break in the practical aspects of Mise en Place and take a moment to expose a few ideas, a few for which there is scientific research to back up, to argue that what you wear doesn’t just make a difference in how others see you, but it canContinue reading “Mental Health and Mise en Place”

Celebrate Everything

If you need to find a reason to celebrate something, I’m your gal. I can always find a silver lining, which can make me downright unbearable at times. The Boobie Retirement Party When my littlest scalawag was a baby, he decided one day that he was done nursing and never cared to see my boobiesContinue reading “Celebrate Everything”