Seeking Peace

We’ve been talking about the virtue of peace this last week. As always, I am ready and willing to acknowledge that “virtue” as a topic is by far the least sexy and potentially least entertaining of possible topics. But Aristotle tells us that “the pursuit of virtue is happiness,” and happiness, while it may notContinue reading “Seeking Peace”

Peace: Part Three

The Flipside of Peace The Flipside of a virtue is what that virtue would like if arch-virtue Wisdom was removed. For the virtue of courtesy, we said that the Flipside would be reckless obsequiousness. We said that the Flipside of acceptance was apathy or fatalism. Wisdom–which we defined as the presence of all virtues, likeContinue reading “Peace: Part Three”

Peace: Part Two

The Philosopher Princess’ Utterly Unscientific Guide to Finding Inner Peace Yesterday, we defined the virtue of peace as a state of undisturbed inner calm. It is a virtue which has echoes in many different world religions, making it, like wisdom, one of those universal supervirtues. We also established that peace has the dual orientations ofContinue reading “Peace: Part Two”

Peace: Part One

Visualize Whirled Peas Why that little bumper sticker has stuck with me since I was in high school is beyond me. But every time I think of the word “Peace”, I visualize whirled peas. What does peace look like to you? Hopefully not a whirlpool of green legumes…although… Even that can be better than realityContinue reading “Peace: Part One”

The Roller Coaster

As I have mentioned before, a million years ago, I worked at Walt Disney World. One of the more fun jobs I had working there was as a youth education facilitator. This meant that I would take small groups of kids through the parks with specific pedagogical goals. My two favorite programs to facilitate wereContinue reading “The Roller Coaster”