It’s been a summer

School starts today. Yesterday, I took my boys for one last “hoorah” to our favorite little theme park, amid a million other little errands. I got them a frozen treat (a blue slushy is for one, strawberry ice cream cone for the other). I asked, “So what was the highlight of your summer?” And inContinue reading “It’s been a summer”

How to give great gifts: Part Two

Bandwidth Oh my goodness, I hate what I am about to do. I am going to use a buzzword-y jargon-y word. Please, please, please forgive me in advance. Bandwidth: the amount of information that can be sent over a network connection at one time. Also, a person’s capacity to take on more work, responsibility orContinue reading “How to give great gifts: Part Two”

Perfectionist Who?

Trigger warning: If you get nervous reading about rule-breaking, steel yourselves. I will break a rule in this article and it may make you uncomfortable. You may have noticed that I talk a lot about needing to “know the rules” and liking “firm boundaries and expectations.” This is so tightly wound up in my beingContinue reading “Perfectionist Who?”

Why do simple…

There is an expression in French that resonates with me. It goes like this: Pourquoi faire simple quand on peut faire compliqué? Quite literally, it means, Why do simple when we can do complicated? Think about that for a second. This so perfectly encapsulates both the perfectionist’s modus operandi and the self-same perfectionist’s excuse forContinue reading “Why do simple…”

Payoff of Persistence

This could have ended badly any number of times. None of them would have been the cardigan’s fault, but my own for biting off more than I can chew. So, it started like this: After discovering that I will never be the heroine of a Regency novel, I abandoned it. Only to pull it outContinue reading “Payoff of Persistence”

Craftiness, Now Available in Chewable Doses

A while back I shared about a craft project which, after barely getting started, I discovered I hated. I nearly abandoned it. I went so far as to remove it from the bin where I kept my relatively accessible in-progress stuff. Life being as it is, I moved the project, embroidery hoop still in place,Continue reading “Craftiness, Now Available in Chewable Doses”