Episode 5: Getting Geeky With It

Talking points: A visit to the jewelers, Gigi takes a run in stilettos and becoming a Love Language polyglot. In this episode, I take you through that thought experiment we got started on a few weeks ago, the one in which you take a look at years 1-18 of your life and look for aContinue reading “Episode 5: Getting Geeky With It”

Episode 4: MacGyvering KonMari

Talking points: Serenity Now!, Death by Perfectionism, and how Marie Kondo helped me write a novel. This week, I’ll take you through the Serenity Prayer and suggest that perhaps we have been letting ourselves off too easy when it comes to one very important thing that might need to change in your life: You. Also,Continue reading “Episode 4: MacGyvering KonMari”

Episode 3: On Heaven and Dinosaur Poop

Welcome back to the Sing With Your Feet podcast! In this episode, Lily dishes on buried treasures, talks back to the voices in your head, drags you through an airport in her heaven FanFic and shares a moment with Ian Malcolm on Isla Nublar. Oh! And I’ve been hearing from all four corners of theContinue reading “Episode 3: On Heaven and Dinosaur Poop”

22 in 22: Dopamine, Flow and Becoming Royalty

After a slow start outta the gates yesterday, we did finally get off to the races once we started talking about how I plan to “get my geeky on” and “get my grit on” with my creative projects as part of my 22 goals in 2022. Here are the next three: #8 Mitigate the DopamineContinue reading “22 in 22: Dopamine, Flow and Becoming Royalty”

Welcome to Sing With Your Feet

Well, friends, we did it. We got this podcast off the ground! To celebrate, I am dropping two episodes to get you…and all those other country bumpkins out there…hopefully…hooked! I’ve started a Sing With Your Feet Facebook Page for the Podcast. If you want to get involved, ask a question, or have your own objections,Continue reading “Welcome to Sing With Your Feet”

A Podcast Story

In 2021, I set a challenge for myself: I was to deal with my massively dysfunctional self-worth problem by removing the most strategic weapon in my abusive relationship with myself–I was to buy no clothes for the duration of the year. I created rules and boundaries and objectives. It was a complicated system I setContinue reading “A Podcast Story”

The Ideal Life Round-Up: Work

“Angelica…Eliza! (And Peggy.)” So, so, so, so sorry that I got that in your head. Maybe it will stop cycling through mine now, though. No endless diatribe on this theme. It is what it is: the Ideal Life theme of Work is what it takes to make ends meet. In my Ideal Life, I amContinue reading “The Ideal Life Round-Up: Work”

Learning something new: Audacity

Ooooffff. The learning curve is a killer. Being forty-three years old and having to learn something new is not the same thing as being twenty years old and learning something new. The brain is simply not as plastic. The neurons aren’t firing on all cylinders. Enter podcasting. Right now, in order to make progress onContinue reading “Learning something new: Audacity”