More about novelty

This week on Sing With Your Feet, we are talking about Novelty. Now, don’t get bored reading this first section while I talk about clothes again for a second. If that happens, skip to the second part. I shared in the episode that after completing my seasonal changeover, ie, getting out my summer clothes andContinue reading “More about novelty”

It’s been a summer

School starts today. Yesterday, I took my boys for one last “hoorah” to our favorite little theme park, amid a million other little errands. I got them a frozen treat (a blue slushy is for one, strawberry ice cream cone for the other). I asked, “So what was the highlight of your summer?” And inContinue reading “It’s been a summer”

A Sneaky Little Thing Called Joy

Of course, I’m still over here ruminating on the subject of joy. Incidentally, I probably shouldn’t have used the word ruminating in the previous sentence, but it does allow me to show off something interesting I learned about psychology this week: Rumination on meta-thoughts, that is, thoughts about our thoughts is found more frequently inContinue reading “A Sneaky Little Thing Called Joy”


There is a building on the road to the scalawag’s school that has been being demolished for the last six months. This has provided endless fascination to us. It’s not a ka-boom type demolition. This is a–maybe 15 story–building, made of concrete with all its rebar and glorious asbestos, being torn down bit by bit.Continue reading “Demolition”

Love Languages: Easier Said Than Done

“Love is a many splendored thing. Love, lift us up where be long…All you need is love.” Thus begins the Elephant Love Medley from the Baz Luhrmann film Moulin Rouge. It sounds best if you imagine it in Ewan MacGregor’s pretty brogue. Theoretically, I love love. I enjoy the feelings of love, at least, asContinue reading “Love Languages: Easier Said Than Done”

A Mini-Success

After a pretty terrible week, after having slept for nearly 36 hours from Friday afternoon to Sunday morning–either because I was fending off the same flu that kept my eldest home all week, or because the stress and emotions and too-much-togetherness and noise of the week finally caught up to me–I woke up on SundayContinue reading “A Mini-Success”

Virtual Flow

It happens so rarely, doesn’t it? Flow, that is. That mystical, mythical, mysterious state of mind, state of the heart, state of the universe when everything just works. The concept of Flow was elaborated by the psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. (All the fairy dust in the world wouldn’t have helped me spell that correctly. Thank youContinue reading “Virtual Flow”

22 in 22: Hedonism, Hot Chocolate and Psychology

You knew I wouldn’t get to the end of my 22 in 22 without talking about the Hedonic Treadmill, didn’t you? Here are the last four on my list of 22 in 22: #19: Get off the Hedonic Treadmill The discovery, late in December, that there is an actual psychological phenomenon akin to what IContinue reading “22 in 22: Hedonism, Hot Chocolate and Psychology”

Week 2: Connecting and Becoming Royalty

As I have been saying all week, my resolutions this year are myriad. Well, twenty-two to be exact. Although I can’t update progress on the whole lot of them the way I did with my five little rules last year, I can give you a few highlights. Progress Point: #1 Connect better with the scalawagsContinue reading “Week 2: Connecting and Becoming Royalty”

A Zebra For All Seasons

At the risk of imagining myself one of those people who unboxes new toys for their millions of YouTube fans (about which I have zero delusions), or TikToks themselves showing off their latest thrift store haul, I do still want to tell you about how I came to possess not one but two zebra dresses.Continue reading “A Zebra For All Seasons”