Ideal Life Progress: Commitment

It was September 22 when the idea struck me. That is, September 22, five days before my birthday, that I somehow got bitten by a little bug that would, mid-November, be occupying my every minute. Our children attend a bi-lingual French/English elementary school. If you are anglophone and reading this, it may seem perfectly logicalContinue reading “Ideal Life Progress: Commitment”

Dissecting the Urge

What makes us want? This is the philosophical question that is rumbling around in my head this morning. It is in no small part inspired by the zebra dress experiment from a few weeks ago. Also, from having just done a clothing exchange with a friend, in which I gave her a few things thatContinue reading “Dissecting the Urge”

Cinderella. No. Really.

A while back I talked about my Ideal Life Exercises…the once-every-21 days focus on an individual area of my life where I want to move to a more ideal life. I’m not Pollyanna. I know very well it will never be ideal. But everything can be better. And I do want to be more content.Continue reading “Cinderella. No. Really.”

Hungry for empty space

So apparently it is very difficult for four people to live together in a small apartment that was just the perfect size for two people. Who would’ve imagined? It has been a long time coming, but a decision has been reached that this particular family of four must move. Believe it or not, it isContinue reading “Hungry for empty space”

Impetus for Minimalism, part two

Although as a child my favorite book was Little Mommy, once I got married, thoughts of being a parent were far from my mind. I wasn’t interested. There was no urgency. However, when, after fifteen years of marriage I discovered I was pregnant, I dove in with two feet. Naturally, being who I am, IContinue reading “Impetus for Minimalism, part two”

Impetus for Minimalism, part one

They arrived about six years ago, nestled in a huge, lovely basket of hand-me-down baby clothes I received while expecting my eldest scalawag. I washed the baby clothes, then carefully folded my most beautiful, lacy, delicate handknits and stored them in the lovely basket. Scalawag One was born in August and summer weather lasted wellContinue reading “Impetus for Minimalism, part one”

Anticipation is Everything

My boys are currently five and almost four years old. This puts them at the very heart of an extremely selfish phase in which neither parental unit can even take out the trash without being asked “what did you buy me?” upon their return. In an effort to keep our apartment relatively uncluttered, we areContinue reading “Anticipation is Everything”

…and everything in its place

Due to factors both within and beyond our control, my little family of four scalawag adventurers lives in a small fourth floor apartment. My indulgent husband and I moved into this apartment in 2012 after the building, which is on the historic building registry, was renovated. We had long been intrigued by the building andContinue reading “…and everything in its place”