Saga of the Elf Boots Part Four

You have got to be kidding me “Nooooooo!” It was just the three of us on the little country path: two scalawags on bicycles, all kitted out with their new horns (one that looks like a vintage trumpet and sounds like a duck squawking, the other a blue police siren. Guess which one I hateContinue reading “Saga of the Elf Boots Part Four”

Challenge Rule 3: The Go-To Catalog

I have a friend, Genevieve, who is the most fabulous person I have ever met. She was my neighbor twenty years ago: I lived upstairs, she lived downstairs. We bonded enthusiastically over lacy aprons and cupcakes and crafting and going to thrift stores and the color aqua and handmade valentines and vintage d├ęcor. We tradedContinue reading “Challenge Rule 3: The Go-To Catalog”

Challenge Rule 1: Purchase no clothes or accessories

I need to paint myself into a corner on this one. (I might need more paint!) Stop pursuing I intentionally replaced the word buy with the word purchase. This may sound like a simple little replacement, but the nuance comes to life when you know that the French word pourchasser is an etymological ancestor ofContinue reading “Challenge Rule 1: Purchase no clothes or accessories”

A Resolution: Buy No Clothes in 2021

Something has to give. I don’t want my treasure to be found in my closet. This cycle of wanting-seeking-owning-loathing also has to end. I feel like it has ruled me for as long as I can remember and I want to find a way out from underneath it. I have lived in this cycle forContinue reading “A Resolution: Buy No Clothes in 2021”

Where Is Your Treasure?

I am a numbers girl. It borders on obsessive, a fact about which I am equal parts embarrassed and proud. My inner geek gets very excited about Key Performance Indicators and Return on Investment. I love progress. I am motivated by seeing things move forward. This love of progress and forward movement is not wellContinue reading “Where Is Your Treasure?”

The Stuff of Life

There is one thing I can unequivocally state: No thing will make life perfect. Perfect moments are born of something intangible, something that goes beyond the sum of the objects. Things can participate in the making of a perfect moment, but they are not the assurance of perfect moments. Case in point: my boys wereContinue reading “The Stuff of Life”

Anticipation is Everything

My boys are currently five and almost four years old. This puts them at the very heart of an extremely selfish phase in which neither parental unit can even take out the trash without being asked “what did you buy me?” upon their return. In an effort to keep our apartment relatively uncluttered, we areContinue reading “Anticipation is Everything”

The Contentment Conundrum

I feel like I have spent my entire life searching after some thing that will bring me satisfaction. I can, and probably will, continue to dissect this urge for the remainder of my earthly life. I have a vivid memory of Christmas morning as a child, seeing what today I would consider the embarrassment ofContinue reading “The Contentment Conundrum”