Week 4: Failure to mind

This week is notable only for how badly I failed on almost every single one of my goals. It’s almost laughable really. Nonetheless, it’s worth it to do a post-mortem. #8 Mitigate the Dopamine Loop So, my Hollywood Marketing Guy told me to get on TikTok, and to post a new video there every singleContinue reading “Week 4: Failure to mind”

Week 3: To kitty litter with love, stand up straight, unplug

One day late, I am bringing you my Week 3 update on progress towards the 22 in 22. I’m only picking three of them, although there is fodder for other articles in here. Who knows. You might even hear more about them next week! #3 Scoop the kitty litter as an act of love IContinue reading “Week 3: To kitty litter with love, stand up straight, unplug”


Influenceable. I had to check and see if that was really a word or not. Easily influenced would have been my first thought, but I wanted a word that sounded more like Influencer. This may or may not come as a surprise to you, but I have a very very strong dislike of influencers. ThisContinue reading “Influenceable”